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Sam Kalawart is a three-time Certified Breathwork Teacher with 200+ hours of teacher training, Reiki Energy Therapist and the founder of The Healing Space. She is also the creator of Empowered Breathwork™, an experience in transformative healing using breath, somatic therapy, meditation & energy work. After battling 16+ years of her own chronic health issues through Lyme Disease,

Sam discovered the importance of using an integrative approach to physical, mental and emotional healing to empower your own journey. Deeply passionate for this work, Sam has guided thousands of breathers 1:1, in workshops and international retreats through their own empowered transformation.


“I’ve really enjoyed my time in class with Sam. Her voice and her way of being are so calming. She is an old soul and I am looking forward to lots more breathwork classes with her.”

“I have been having sessions with Sam for a few months now and I can easily say that I have been healing from the inside out ever since. Her Energy Therapy sessions have opened me up and allow me to manage my emotions much better. It wasn’t until today when I took her Breathwork session that I understood the depths of myself. Sam is very, very good at her craft. She has a magnetic energy and being in her space gives you a sense of clarity and safety knowing that you may be in your most raw and emotional state in front of her.”

“I discovered Sam on Instagram and grew curious about Breathwork based on her extensive work on the practice around the world. I didn’t know what to expect from my first 1:1 session but I walked away so glad I tried it. I have participated in many forms of alternative healing and therapies and found this to be the most beneficial of anything I have experienced.”

“Tonight I had my first experience with Sam and the healing space. These classes and sessions are things nobody has words to express. I HIGHLY recommend checking out one of Sams’s classes if you are nervous because you’re surrounded by so much awesome energy I forgot I was in a room full of strangers the first five minutes. Such an insane indescribable tingly experience. And I don’t mean my foot fell asleep tingly, I mean my body is filled with a million tiny sparkly stars tingly. 11/10 would recommend to everyone.”

“Went to a breathwork meditation with cacao and loved it. I will definitely be going back. So uplifting and restorative.”

“I have attended two cacao-infused meditation and breathwork workshops with Sam and absolutely loved them so much. Breathwork is so simple and so powerful; in my very first experience, I understood immediately why people describe it as life-changing. Sam is wonderful. I currently have somebody mobility restraints and she really saw me and took extra care to make sure I was comfortable and that the experience was accessible to me. I love a modality and practitioner that makes clear the importance of returning/restoring power to Self and that’s exactly how Sam leads with breathwork. If you’ve never done something like this, you HAVE to try it at least once…then I think you’ll get it! I can’t say enough good things about my experiences with Sam!”

“I love the way you lead the group, the way you prep us for the deep dive within is impeccable, your powerful music selection and the direction in between the songs to keep us on track. The poem you selected which speaks volumes to what I’m going through right now sealed the practice for me. Thank you for doing this powerful work at the most auspicious time in our planet’s history. You are changing lives dearheart.”

“Sam has a soothing but yet energetic presence! Her light shines through even via Zoom! It was a pleasure to take a journey with Sam into Higher Self with the breathwork. Sam has a gentle way to spread her grace & love through her simple, guided instructions. I’d highly recommend her services!”

“Working with Sam leaves me feeling grounded and connected to my inner guidance. She is a true professional, her knowledge and passion for this work shines through. Every time I finish a Breathwork session – I can’t wait for the next one! Thank you for sharing your light and gifts with the world, Sam.”

“I’ve been doing breathwork on and off for several years. Sam seems to be very intuitive and is a great guide on the breathwork journey. Her Zoom classes are packed with value and unique. She offers much to prepare and integrate the breathwork session. I’m lucky to have found this teacher.”

“I have been working with Sam, both in breathwork sessions & 1:1 energy healing, for over a year now. Sam has helped me to transform my life. Her energy healing is restorative and the group breathwork sessions help to keep my stress levels low. Because of this, I am a much better mother, partner & employee. Sam brings forth her light and talent to her clients to help us become the healthiest and most courageous versions of ourselves. I am truly thankful for Sam and highly recommend her.”

“My experience with Sam has been life-changing. She’s so professional, welcoming and genuine. She has certainly found her calling and her desire to help people is inspiring. I’m so grateful I discovered breathwork and even more so, with her.”

“Sam’s knowledge, experience and passion with Breathwork are undeniable! This is not something just anyone can do. It’s specialized and when done with an expert like Sam, beautiful things begin to happen in your life. Don’t believe it? Try it!”

“I have been in extensive psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, but I have never experienced anything as powerful as the breathwork that Sam guides her clients through. It is an intensely personal, physical, spiritual, and a deeply cleansing exercise that tosses one into the deep end of the pool of personal development, and opens doors of your heart and mind that you didn’t think were possible. I look forward to continuing my breathwork journey with Sam, and am very thankful for her other healing therapies as well. She is an extremely compassionate and intuitive guide, and it is money well invested into your personal well-being. I would HIGHLY recommend an investment into her services.”

“I recently completed a breath work session with Sam. It was an unbelievable experience; like nothing I’ve felt before. My body felt renewed and centered afterwards. Sam encourages you to let your body surrender to any negativity, making you feel light, accepted, and safe. I highly recommend her!”

“I would highly recommend Sam Kalawart with The Healing Space. Energy Healing and Breathwork Healing help me focus on things I have been ignoring so I can process them and let them go. Sam creates a calm and safe environment that allows me to release emotions that are not helping me live my best life. I have noticed many positive changes through this process of energy healing. Words, people, and events that once triggered anxiety or fear I feel are more manageable and don’t bring up strong anxiety like they used to. I feel much more rational, calm and confident because of the work I have been doing with Sam.”

“Last week, I had energy therapy with Sam, and it was a fantastic experience. I just felt so peaceful and more connected to my spiritual nature. Sam is an amazing professional, and it’s truly dedicated to her clients.”

“Sam has so much knowledge and passion for health. I sought her help after I had a tragedy in my life and the stress of this made my body react. I had so much pain in my body. Sam gave me some exercises; diet advice and supplement suggestions to help with this pain. She told me consistency is the key. She was so right! I am so much better. Thank you Sam Kalawart!!”

“Today was my first 1:1 Breathwork Healing Session with Sam and it was beyond transformative. She speaks with great intuition and confidence and guided me through the entire journey. Surrounded by lovely aromatics and laying on a jade heating mat… I felt more in my body than ever before. The breathwork began, which was difficult for me due to a stressful day, yet after 5 . minutes my body shifted. I couldn’t believe the power behind each breath. I have hardware in my lumbar spine due to a traumatic injury which left my legs feeling heavy like cement with constant bouts of pain. Thanks to Sam, I had felt complete ease, and light as a feather in my legs for the entire period of time. After all of the western medicine techniques, i’ve never found something to work quite this immediately and strongly. I am still feeling light and refreshed. Thank you for your guidance… I highly recommend others give it at least one try and discover something new.”

“Sam has a true gift for healing and connecting to others. She is kind, warm, and incredibly knowledgeable. Both her energy healing and her breathwork sessions have me feeling uplifted, light, and calm. I’ve only had one breathwork session so far, but I will definitely be going back for more. I was a little skeptical at first and was not sure what to expect. Connecting to my breath has been helpful for anxiety, but I was not ready for how euphoric and light I would feel after. I’ve experienced some significant trauma in my past and within the last year and this session helped me release some of that trauma. Sam’s healing sessions have had a huge impact on my overall wellbeing.”

“I love the breathing sessions and notice a huge difference with my energy level after every one. I definitely recommend Sam. She’s extremely knowledgeable and will assist you in achieving your goals.”

“Breathwork with Sam was outstanding! I was in a great deal of pain getting ready for an upcoming surgery and I was able to find my inner peace and allow my body to feel it’s own power. Thank you Sam!”

“I was amazed with not only how restored and relaxed I felt after one of Sam’s healing sessions, but how knowledgeable she is about nutrition and overall health and wellbeing! Highly recommend an experience at The Healing Space!”

“I’ve had Reiki before and I didn’t really feel anything out of the ordinary. But Sam offered a free trial session and I thought…why not :) So I signed up without much in the way of expectations. Her home is beautiful, welcoming, quiet and peaceful. Let me tell you, I was moved beyond words. I felt energy moving and releasing. It was simply incredible. Whatever she does I explain, but Sam has a natural gift. And I can’t wait for my next session with her!”

“Reiki with Sam was an amazing way to calm my brain, my body and my soul. I can’t wait to do it again!”

“Sam is very gifted at helping me with lowering my stress level as well as helping me be able to totally relax. Her nutrition information has already helped me to start losing weight. Once you try one class, you understand why everyone keeps coming back!!”

“I went into a breathwork healing session with zero expectations – only curiousity. I’m now on my third session and have been able to break through the wall of depression, get back into the gym, and I’m finding a good balance in my life again. I don’t fully understand the science but the results have been very worthwhile for me. Sam has a comforting presence which is absolutely necessary for the sort of vulnerability required to open up and let things go.”

“So I have to admit, I didn’t think I would feel anything during a virtual Reiki Energy Healing Session, but I did! I could feel tingly, warm sensations that moved around different parts of my body. I feel much less anxious, relaxed and so much more aligned and balanced. Thank you!”

“I loved the session! That was my first experience with conscious breathwork. I will definitely be trying to make that part of my routine.”

“I just did the replay of a virtual breathwork session I signed up for with you and OMGGG I was in another dimension in the best way! I used some frankincense on my third eye and heart center and it was incredible!”

“First Breathwork session with Sam today and let me say..WOW what a healing experience!”

“I wanted to let you know that I did a breathwork session with you a few weeks ago and it has already helped me in so many aspects of my life! I am able to calm my children down with my own breathing and help put them to sleep. Its almost magic!”

“Thank you for guiding us through breathwork healing this evening! What a freeing experience!”

“I just wanted to tell you that I had a really incredible experience with your class. It was my second ever breathwork class and what I experienced was completely unexpected. It makes me really excited to do more of this work!”

“I deeply appreciate your work! Your virtual Breathwork Sessions have been transformational GIFTS for me and from the bottom of my soul, THANK YOU!”

“If you guys are looking to transform your life and find healing in any way then go see Sam! This is such a powerful healing modality.”

“I’m am in this state of gratitude for your work! It brings tears to my eyes. Its like all these years of trying to fix myself and heal from the pain of my past through counseling or pushing myself to get it together hasn’t worked. Finally, its like a lightbulb is happening through breathwork, surrender and receiving all the energy healing. This has begun to shift so much inside of me! Thank you!”

“Tonight’s Breathwork Class was life-changing! If you haven’t tried one, you need to sign up!”

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