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The Healing Space
Breathwork with Sam was outstanding! I was in a great deal of pain getting ready for an upcoming surgery and I was able to find my inner peace and allow my body to feel it’s own power.
-Crystal Cunningham
Never been that “good” at meditation but let me tell you that Breathwork with Sam was the closest to a meditative state I’ve been able to get in. 10/10 recommend!
-Beth Henkels
Thanks to our session and you advice, I feel so much more peaceful and confident. Enough that I interviewed and got the job I wanted! Thank you Sam for helping me to remove those blockages!
-Heather Moore
I never thought that breathing can evoke such amazing feelings in my body, this energy was overwhelming! It was a beautiful experience and I am looking forward to the next session! The selection of smells (wow!!), music and the ambiance were all amazing!
-Kasia Luda
I love these Breathwork Sessions! I am so happy that I have found this as a way to open up and release old thoughts / emotions. I am hooked and want to share this with so many that could benefit from this work!
-Frances Stein
I love the breathwork sessions and notice a huge difference with my energy level after every one. I definitely recommend Sam. She’s extremely knowledgeable and will assist you in achieving your goals.
-Jennifer Unger


Breathwork is a powerful, self-healing and self-discovery session. It is a very physical, active form of meditation that uses a two-part breath to move trapped emotional energy and facilitate connection with your intuition. Learn about my own experience in this Blog Post.


Discover mindfulness based stress reduction with Breathwork Meditation. New research suggests people can begin to derive psychological and physiological benefits from the practice after a single introductory session.


Energy Therapy or Reiki is a combination of Energetic Balancing & Therapeutic Touch promoting healing, stress relief & deep relaxation. Discover why Energy Therapy is the missing link in your self-care regimen in this Blog Post.


Our biography becomes our biology. Release past trauma, negative emotions, anxiety and depression for a state of lasting inner peace with Breathwork & Reiki.


You will receive custom guided meditations & affirmations that will begin to re-program your subconscious. This is vital for achieving your goals with ease and keeping stress at bay.


Receive Intuitive Counseling on the obstacles you are working to overcome in your own body or life. You will feel completely supported on your inner journey of self-discovery and healing at all levels of self.

Sam Kalawart with The Healing Space uses her expertise in Breathwork + Energy Therapy (Reiki) to bring you to a state of Body Peace on all levels mind, body & spirit. She specifically works with those looking to naturally overcome stress, anxiety, depression and to heal your body from the inside out. She will show you how to strengthen your nervous system, becoming more resilient while connecting to your intuition in a beautiful way. Discover the power of your breath to transform today.  

Discover Body Peace with Sam Kalawart. Through Breathwork and Reiki in Grand Rapids, you will renew on all levels mind, body & spirit.

Proud Member of the International Breathwork Foundation 

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