Becoming a Reiki Healer

My story

In case you missed my interview with Yolanda from Reiki Radio Podcast click the link here. This is my story on why I’m here and how I became a Reiki Therapist in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

my story

My Story

We all have a health journey. Whether there’s an ailment that you were born with or one that you developed later in life. A health struggle has affected you to some degree. I’d like for you to join me on this journey of health, empowerment and self love.

I experienced the power of a holistic approach to healing during my own health journey. It literally changed the course of my life and ignited a passion in me that I refuse to ignore. This is my story. I hope that you can find inspiration in the miracle that occurs when you nourish your body with the right foods along with the sacred self-care that you deserve. 


My journey began in high school at the age of 15 when I contracted Bell’s Palsy on the left side of my face. Bell’s Palsy is a condition that causes weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles. It’s rare to get it that young but, I suspect that it was contracted after sunbathing and badly burning my lips. I later developed a sun blister on my lip that became sore and bruised. This sparked an infection that spread to my facial nerves along my spine. The left side of my face was completely paralyzed for 6 grueling months. During this time I became depressed and insecure about my appearance.

High School is overwhelming and awkward enough as a gawky and uncoordinated teenage girl . So it was devastating when week after week I looked in the mirror and saw no improvement. I closely followed the recommendations of my physician with heavy doses of anti-virals, antibiotics and steroids. Not once was I asked about my current diet and lifestyle, just encouraged to take as many prescriptions as possible. Unfortunately for me all of the medications completely compromised my gut lining. Although eventually my face healed, the rest of my health began to go downhill.


My remaining years in high school I remember being constantly sick with a cold/flu. I even developed severe eczema all along my neck and hands. Senior year I took a foods and nutrition class that first opened my eyes to the connection of food and the effect it has on the body. I started to do my own research and discovered that I was following the Standard American Diet. Not so surprisingly I was consuming foods on a daily basis that were unhealthy to say the least and contributed my aliments. This started the process of slowly eliminating processed food from my diet. First I eliminating bread and other processed carbs. Within weeks the eczema I had been struggling to control with steroid creams completely cleared. This is when I knew I was onto something.

I eventually found the Paleo diet and eliminated gluten, dairy and processed sugar from my diet. Although a step in the right direction, the uptake of animal protein and elimination of my healthy carbs wreaked havoc on my hormones, thyroid and weight. Not only that but I was constantly craving the sweets that I was depriving myself of. began bingeing on Carmel corn and chocolate every weekend to get my fix. My relationship with food was completely screwed up.

I continued tweaking my diet and played around with the types of foods I was eating. But still stuck it out with this ultra-low carb mentality. completely believing it was the best and only diet we were designed to eat. Looking back I was in complete denial about the vicious yo-yo dieting mentality I was in. Get more information on how I ENDED the vicious cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting in this blog post.


I continued with this lifestyle and was in a constant state of stress, until my body finally shut down again. I was driving into work one morning when I noticed a heavy feeling on the right side of my face. Looking in the rear view mirror, I was horrified to see my smile was raising only on the right side of my face. I drove myself to the Urgent Care with tears in my eyes and already knew the diagnosis.

There I was again, 9 years later with Bell’s Palsy this time affecting the right side of my face. I went about this diagnosis in a completely different manner and knew that I had to make some drastic changes to heal myself. This time I did not take the prescription drugs that were prescribed and dived into the holistic research to heal my inflamed facial nerve causing the paralysis.

I switched to a mostly raw vegan diet to keep inflammation down and practiced yoga/meditation every day.  Getting consistent Reiki Energy Therapy Sessions in Grand Rapids gave me the ability to lower my stress and align mind+body in a vital way. Eessential oils plus heavy doses of certain vitamins/herbs were now a part of my daily regimen.


Within 21 days I was completely healed with no residual effects. I never felt more connected to my body and began to understand my calling. My passion is to spread the word about the power of a holistic lifestyle, to not only heal the body but to EMPOWER you. To put your health back into your own hands. The anxiety and mood swings I had experienced for years also began to subside. It was like a fog was lifted and I had a new passion for life! 

My current philosophy is balance in all aspects of my life. I do not attach myself to a certain diet and instead listen to what my body desires, nourishing it with mostly seasonal fruits/veggies and practicing stress reducing rituals + sacred self-care to counteract the chaotic society we live in today.

I’m still healing this day and my current philosophy is balance in all aspects of my life. I do not attach myself to a certain diet and instead listen to what my body desires, nourishing it with mostly seasonal fruits/veggies and practicing stress reducing rituals + sacred self-care to counteract the chaotic society we live in today.

This is the BEAUTY of tapping into your own INTUITIVE POWER for true TRANSFORMATION. You will find a routine that is addicting and completely liberating for your soul.

I want to THRIVE not just survive and truly believe that to live a prosperous life, developing new lasting habits around a Holistic lifestyle is KEY. Thank you for reading my story. I can’t wait to hear yours.

Every day is a gift and you have the choice to fuel it to the fullest with nourishing foods, time inwards, breath work and living your passions.



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