Breathwork in Grand Rapids

Breathwork in Grand Rapids

Breathwork in Grand Rapids is a very transformative 1:1 or Group session experience. After feeling the power of this healing modality myself, I knew I had to bring this to level of healing to Grand Rapids. I was trained as a Breathwork Meditation Facilitator in New York City under Erin Telford, then in Asheville under the Sacred Breath Academy, and finally through Clarity Breathwork in Costa Rica.

During that first Breathwork journey, I healed so many emotional wounds and felt profoundly “high” on the Universe. I never realized the power of our own breath to facilitate such healing both emotionally but also physically. Breathwork healing has completely shifted my paradigm and I’m thrilled for you to reach the same level of self-discovery.


Breathwork is a powerful session of self-discovery & healing at all levels of self, mind+body+spirit. It is a very physical, active form of meditation that uses a three-part breath to move stuck emotional energy. It will also facilitate a deep connection with your spirit.

Breathwork in Grand Rapids will allow you to safely release negative energy and trauma from your past. When we breathe consciously and with purpose, our energy starts to move. It flows to the places it is needed the most. Our minds quiet down and we become fully present in our bodies. Space is created between our minds and bodies, allowing us to connect to something bigger and experience a sense of peace, joy and pure being. It is an experience that feels like returning home.

During a Breathwork session, I will guide you through 45 minutes to 1 hour of active 2-stage breath. During this 2-stage belly & heart breathing rhythm you will begin moving trapped trauma through your body. As you deeply oxygenate your muscles and organs, a tingling sensation is felt. The innate wisdom of the body will bring healing to the areas needed most. You will be guided through a journey of self-discovery, release painful memories and peel back layers of inhibitions.

Experiencing a strong emotional release during the session is expected and welcomed. This healing session truly empowers you to become your own healer. I am there to guide you through this beautiful process of surrender.


Within minutes my surroundings became a blur. I simply drifted away, into my own world. My body resisted, my mind fought. I listened only to the sound of her voice as I slowly began slipping away from the present moment. I was taken on a journey that felt infinite. Into my past as a young girl. Vulnerable, alone and filled with sadness. Memories that I didn’t even know existed flashed before me. I felt her deep hurt, the grief that was unresolved.

My body felt cemented to the ground, yet it was as if it could float away. I released all the tears she never expressed. That little girl within me, that just wanted to be seen. To be held. I told her she was safe. Wiped her tears and released her soul, now light and vibrant.

The edges of my mouth turned upright. My entire body still tingling, vibrating intensely. I felt a deep sense of calm, peace, completely elated. I was in a vortex, directly connected to source love. The dots connected and I understood for the first time that the healer was within me all along.

I felt her grounding touch, smelled the delicate white sage and slowed my breath with her command. Gently coming back to the present moment, back into my body. I was home.

I left New York, feeling 10 pounds lighter on a spiritual level. For days I integrated all the internal shifts. I knew this work had changed my life and will be forever grateful to my intuition for leading me to this path.


I feel so honored to bring Breathwork into Grand Rapids. I specialize in working with women to naturally lower stress + anxiety in their lives and conscious breathing is a vital part of that equation. I’ve shared the science behind the breath to not only lower chronic anxiety/depression but even speed up your metabolism, correct restrictive breathing patterns, release tension & SO much more! Check out all the benefits here. Breathwork takes this to a entirely new level as you heal past wounds and renew from the inside out.

I offer a 90 minute Breathwork Session’s in my studio, The Healing Space in the Kingsley Building, just a few minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. I also host weekly Breathwork Group Sessions in studios all over Grand Rapids. You can set a specific intention for the session or let the wisdom of your body discover what needs to be healed. I will then guide you through 45 minutes through 1 hour of the active circular, connected breathing. 

We finish the session with 20 minutes of rest + relaxation as I give you gentle grounding touch on the head, legs and feet. Aromatherapy and Palo Santo are used to aid in the clearing of emotions that arise during the session. We will discuss your experience and I will give you guidance as you honor your bodies healing process for the days to come.

I don’t recommend any rigurous activity for the next 24-48 hours after your Breathwork Session. This is the perfect time for rest, reflection and introspection on any changes that need to be made in your own life.

You will leave with a sense of clarity for your healing and deeply connected to your own intuitive knowing.Ready to experience your own Breathwork Session in Grand Rapids? Set up your 1:1 session through my online calendar or check out my upcoming Breathwork Sessions under Classes + Retreats!

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