Calming Breath Method

Calming Breath

My Favorite Calming Breath 

There are several ways to activate your parasympathetic state and shut off stress within your body + mind, but your breath is the fastest tool to do so. Our breath is completely underrated. A part of our basic anatomy that most of us simply know nothing of. This is because we are not taught to breathe consciously.

Our breath holds the power to engage with our nervous system. It is here we can “hack” our own bodies and release a cascade of transformative healing through conscious breathing. One of the reasons that many of us are in a constant state of fight or flight, is because we are shallow chest breathing through our mouth. Or simply not breathing at all as we find our breath has become “stuck” or in-consistent in its pattern.

If you are struggling with anxiety, feel overwhelmed or simply want to build Breath Awareness, this 4-4-8 breath is the perfect place to start. Set an alarm on your phone and implement this breath 2x a day or before each meal to start. Overtime, you can begin to utilize this breath more as a simple tool to: aid in relaxation, before sleep, to prepare your body for a meal, before a big meeting or during meditation.

Nasal Breathing

Nasal breathing is my go-to for all virtual Breathwork Sessions because it is incredibly grounding and allows you to feel safe in your body. In a conscious breathwork session, I guide you through a different breath pattern than the one noted above.

This form of active meditation is guided by an accelerated, connected, circular pattern of breath that allows you to alter your state of consciousness. It’s here in this state, you can access repressed memories or emotions, release heaviness in the heart, constriction & tension from the body and experience a cathartic release, mentally, physically & emotionally. This is a profoundly healing breath that induces a cellular cleansing while connecting you deeply to your inner guidance.

The first time I experienced this type of conscious breathing I was completely speechless, unable to articulate the meaning of what I just witnessed. It was a type of “high” I never realized was accessible through my own breath & left me in a daze of amazement. I left the session feeling pounds lighter mentally + emotionally, and deeply connected back to my own body. It led me down a path of generational & physical healing, that I didn’t even realize was possible and I’m forever grateful to the facilitators & God for gifting me this empowering healing tool.

Whether you are local to Grand Rapids and can come to my East Town office The Healing Space or you are somewhere else in the world. I would be honored to guide you in this experience of transformative healing.   

All of my Breathwork sessions are combined with Reiki Energy Therapy, Crystals, a Holistic Health Consultation & recommendations in-between sessions with healing tools so you can continue empowering your own journey. Learn more about my in-person + virtual offerings here.

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