Gut Healing Foods

Gut Healing

If you’ve been following my journey for some time, you know that I have been working to heal a lot of unresolved gut issues over the years. I’ve tried a myriad of diets, super foods, supplements, etc. with no relief. Chronic constipation, bloating, heaviness and a upset stomach became my norm. After years of trial and error, I feel that I’m finally starting to make some progress and I’m so excited to share with you what foods are healing me from the inside out!

I’m covering with you the top 4 foods that I’ve recently been incorporating into my regimen to heal and seal my gut lining. Our health and vitality begins with a healthy digestive system so this is truly the first step towards experiencing Body Peace.


In my most recent blog post Digestive Health 101, I expose the top triggers that lead to the downfall of our digestive system. Because our world is so toxic and popping prescription pills has become the norm, I believe that everyone has experienced some degree of digestive distress. This especially goes for women, as our digestion tends to be very delicate.

As a review here is a list of the top triggers:

  • Chronic stress
  • Over eating
  • Eating to quickly
  • Not chewing thoroughly
  • Sugar/processed foods
  • Anti-biotic use
  • Alcohol
  • Insufficient fiber intake/low carb diet
  • Bad food combinations
  • Ant-acids

Personally, it was years of birth control use, anti-biotic’s and a high-stress environment that led to a downfall of my digestive health. For me the hardest part about this healing process, was realizing that it took YEARS for my digestion to get to this state. You must have patience and grace with yourself along with a consistent regimen to truly heal.


These are the foods that I’ve implemented into my daily meals. Its only been a few weeks but I can honestly say that I’m already feeling the nourishing benefits of these foods. When you put in the dedication, time and will to heal once and for all you will be unstoppable!

  1. Celery Juice: I’ve been drinking 6-8oz of celery juice on a empty stomach after my lemon water each morning. Sometimes, I add in some lemon or ginger to give it a extra zip and the flavor has really grown on me! Its super light and refreshing but more importantly, tremendously healing to our gut lining. Celery juice has the ability to raise the hydrochloric acid in our stomachs which is vital for proper digestion. Most who suffer from digestive distress don’t have enough stomach acid to break down their food, which leads to fermentation in your gut. Celery is also a alkaline food and helps to purge the body of acid and toxins to cleanse the liver and bloodstream. It’s also a natural diuretic and has the ability to reduce bloat. This is why it’s an amazing way to start your day.
  2. Papaya: I eat half a papaya each morning including the seeds. Papaya contains a enzyme called Papain which again has the ability to naturally raise your stomach acid. This enzyme also gives your body the ability to break down certain types of proteins more easily. Because of its high fiber content, papaya is also a incredible way to ease constipation. The reason I also consume the seeds is because they have the ability to kill parasites within your digestive tract. Parasites can contribute to candida, food sensitivities and chronic inflammation so cleansing them out is very beneficial.
  3. Aloe: I have a fresh aloe plant that I will take the leaves of a few times a week and consume either raw or in a smoothie. Aloe Vera is very healing to the digestive system and is a potent anti-inflammatory. It encourages the growth of good bacteria in your gut, which is important for crowding out the bad guys naturally. Because of its rich nutrient content, it’s also a incredible detoxifier for the body. It also contains enzymes that aid in the breakdown of food which assists in healthy bowel function. You can get the benefits of Aloe with this supplement.
  4. Collagen Peptides: Collagen Peptides from Further Foods has been a staple in my morning matcha lattes for the past month and I’m obsessed! Not only am I strengthening my gut lining, my hair, skin and nails have been getting stronger each week. Glutamine, one of the amino acids in collagen, has been identified as the key amino acid for preventing inflammation of the gut wall and healing leaky gut syndrome. Its also been shown to regulate stomach acid secretion and heal the stomach wall. **You can get 10% off your first order of Further Foods Collagen Powder with discount code SAMKALAWART10


Along with consuming these foods on a daily basis, I’ve eliminated foods that irritate my system. For me this includes:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Eggs
  • Beef/chicken
  • High FODMAP foods (foods that easily ferment in your gut)
  • Sugar
  • Processed Foods

It may seem restrictive but its honestly SO worth feeling my absolute best. If you have suffered from digestive issues in the past you understand that from the outside you may look healthy but in the inside you are MISERABLE. I will not let food have that control over my body which is why I choose to nourish myself instead with the foods that aid in my healing.

High dose probiotics have also assisted me in my healing journey. This is the one that I’m currently taking but often switch them month to month to ensure I’m getting a good variety in strains and potency. Looking for a reliable and non-biased probiotic recommendation based on your specific digestive concern?  This site is a amazing resource!

As I continue my journey I will keep you posted with what is and is not working for me. My hope is that I can inspire someone else along the way that is working to heal themselves. If you are interested in seeing recipes, what I’m eating in a day, and more tips like these then join my private Facebook Group Body Peace Babes! Its the perfect place to be if you are looking to experience Body Peace for yourself and transform your own health.

I’d love to know what foods have worked to heal your own digestion. Let me know in the comments!



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