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In this post you’ll discover my love affair with herbs and hopefully fall in love yourself. It was incredible to see the transformation in my own body when I started taking specific herbs consistently. Natures medicine without all the nasty side effects?! Yes, please!

I’m a huge fan in herbs to heal, balance and energize your body. I awakened to their power after my second round of facial paralysis (Bells Palsy) when I was able to heal my facial nerve using ONLY holistic remedies. Within 21 days, the right side of my face that was once completely frozen, was back to full mobility. I fell in love with Holistic Medicine and have relied on a variety of herbs since to support my well-being.  They’ve helped me balance my hormones, increase my energy levels, aid in sleepimprove concentration, give a glow to my skin, strengthen my hair… The list could go on and on!


Plants have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. We used God’s green earth as intended and understood the potent benefits of plants/herbs of all kinds. They are referenced in the bible several times and indigenous tribes relied on herbs in healing rituals, respecting the unique power behind each type of plant. There are several cultures all over the world that still incorporate certain herbs into their daily regimen, believing them to be the only medicine our bodies need. 

So how have we lost touch with the sacred relationship? We have been programmed from a young age that we do not have much control over our bodies. That our lifestyle, eating habits or stress, don’t contribute to the ailments that were plagued with. We’ve given over the authority of our own bodies to doctors and experts that tell us we need a certain prescription to ease our symptoms. We then take it with out questioning if its really doing more harm than good. 

This is a topic I’m very passionate about after western medicine had failed me during my first battle with facial paralysis (Bells Palsy) which lasted six grueling months. Then after watching sick loved ones suffering unnecessarily from the side effects ofthe toxic drugs they were prescribed. I do believe that there is a time and a place for prescription medication, but I also believe that Big Pharma is taking advantage of thousands and making a lot of money by doing so.


Transforming from the inside out using herbs that naturally heal and balance the body WITHOUT the nasty side effects has been so eye opening for me. We are blessed to live in a time where we have access to hundreds of concentrated and encapsulated organic medicinal herbs. The fact that I can go on Amazon, pick out a herb or herb blend for which ever ailment I am dealing with at the time and have it delivered within two-days is absolutely incredible.

I use specific herbs to support my immune system during a cold/flu, others to aid in sleep and even calm anxiety. Once you tap into the world of herbalism, you’ll find that there is a herb or plant to treat almost ANY type of condition. Its truly magical to experience how the earth interacts with our bodies in this way and quite literally give us life. 


The herbs that I’m going to focus on in this post are a class called Adaptogens. They are able to “adapt” to our bodies specific needs and support us in a unique way. I was introduced to Adaptogens about 5 years ago and have been using them consistently in my own life since.

They work to regulate the stress response in our bodies and because we can all use the extra support during these hectic times these are the supplements I recommend for almost all of my own clients. I specifically focused on my go-to’s to energize and balance the body. Again, consistency is the absolute key with these adaptogens and after a month or two I promise you will feel a positive transformation in your body.

**I’ve included a link to the brands I use and recommend to my own clients. Click on the herb name or link below to be redirected.**


  • Improves mood and reduces stress/depression
  • Naturally energizes the body
  • Aids in weight loss by boosting metabolism
  • Improves brain function by stimulating brain cells and increases concentration
  • Specifically targets + burns belly fat



  • Improves mood, wakefulness and energy levels without the jitters
  • Supports immune system and disease resistance
  • Balances cholesterol in the body
  • Regulates hormones in men and women by increasing testosterone levels, strengthening your sexual health
  • Supports the endocrine system by aiding in the regulation of the healthy adrenal and thyroid hormones
  • Positive effect on serotonin or the “feel good” hormone



  • Reduces cortisol levels, the stress hormone
  • Naturally lowers anxiety and depression
  • Stabilizes blood sugar which keeps cravings at bay
  • Boosts testosterone levels and increasing muscle mass + strength
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Improves brain function + memory

BUY THE BRAND I RECOMMEND HERE! You can take all of these herbs at once but I prefer to first take them by themselves for at least a week to feel how it effects your body. You can then build from there or rotate them. Because these are herbs, the effects will seem subtle at first, but as noted above they clearly have a powerfully healing effect on our bodies. I’m not a fan of taking a ton of pills and believe our true nourishment comes from whole foods and self-care, but these supplements will always be a staple in my Holistic Life.   Have you tried using herbs to heal or transform your own body? I’d love to hear from you and find out whats worked so let me know in the comments! Interested in which herbs will transform your body? Lets set up a 1:1 session so I can empower you with a customized plan of action!   xx, Sam  

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