How to Create Certainty

Creating Certainty

How to Create Certainty during Uncertain Times.

Uncertainty & the unknown are one of the greatest causes of chronic anxiety. Many of us are used to feeling completely in control of our lives, schedules & environment. The current forecast of our lives is the ultimate test of how we handle uncertainty.

Though there are several self-care habits that we can implement each day to create a sense of certainty and control over our lives which puts our minds at ease.

Each morning I dedicate the first hour to me. I call this my “Magic Morning” as I pick a few self-care tools that fulfill me mentally, emotionally & physically. Doing so before taking on the rest of my day always me to feel like I have autonomy in my life & leaves me in a positive mindset.

A few of my current go-to’s:

  • Herbal Tea + Water with Lemon to hydrate
  • Morning Dance + stretches with feel-good music that gets me out of my head & into my body
  • Re-bounding on my mini-tramp to get my lymphatic system flowing
  • Morning Matcha Tea Latte (switched to green tea as it contains L-Theanine which promotes relaxation)
  • 10min Meditation + Conscious Breathwork to energize + release any mental baggage

I switch this routine up constantly but notice when I leave it out of my day, I feel so much “heavier” mentally & emotionally. The ONLY certainty in this human experience is change. Learning to surrender, to release control, is an act all of us should be striving for. Through each conscious breathwork session, this is our goal. To completely release control so we can discover the wisdom that our higher selves would like to reveal to us. To access deeper healing through our own inhale + exhale.

And although many aspects of our lives our completely out of our control right now, we can create a piece of certainty each day through establishing a consistent Magic Morning.

I guide my clients through their own self-care in customized Reiki Energy Healing Sessions both in my Grand Rapids office The Healing Space & Virtually, through distance Reiki Sessions. Balancing the 7 energy centers or “Chakras” is another gentle way to create balance and feel centered right now. Learn more about our 7 Chakras in this blog post.

Have you tried Reiki, Breathwork or guided Meditation as a form of self-care? Let me know in the comments!

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