Intuitive Eating Part II

Intuitive Eating

In my first post on intuitive eating, I discussed what it means to LET GO of society’s “shoulds” and step into your OWN intuitive power, eating according to your body’s own needs.

I want to emphasize again that this process will take TIME especially if you’ve been conditioned to follow everyone’s else’s recommendations on what your body needs instead of cuing into your own inner guide.

Its taken me months to finally FEEL into my own body and truly understand which foods make me feel my best. This will also change continuously based on the time of month, season and of course life circumstance which is only another reason to END any type of “diet” or other restrictive way of eating.

Our bodies are constantly evolving and tapping into your own body wisdom one of the BEST ways to THRIVE in your body.

When I finally understood the power behind our mind+body connection I was finally able to heal my relationship with food and experience the body peace I had always sought.

It FEELS SO GOOD to no longer chase a number on the scale or constantly COMPARE my body to others and stand confidently in my unique self.

Below are some of the tools I used when I was beginning my journey to intuitive eating because when you’ve restricted yourself for so long a LOT of negative feelings such as guilt, comparison, regret and complete self-loathing will try to creep back in and hi-jack your progress.

  1. FOOD DIARY: This is a temporary tool to tune in and observe which foods and lifestyle habits give you the MOST vitality.
intuitive eating
  • For 7-days record each meal and note how you feel directly have eating it + how you feel before eating your next meal to see if it properly nourished and sustained you.
  • Pay special attention to which foods make you feel energized vs. which ones leave you drained and create a list with a column for energizing foods and a column for draining foods so you can understand which ones you may have a higher sensitivity too.
  • Food allergies and food sensitivities may yield different symptoms but watch out for signs of food sensitivity such as rashes, digestive distress, brain fog or fatigue. Food sensitivity symptoms could show up days later which is why recording your results during this time is so vital.
  • During this week alternating a few days completely vegetarian, vegan or paleo will give you an idea on the amount and type of protein you feel most energized by.
  1. Mindfulness at meal time: Bringing a sense of peace and turning each meal into a sensual experience can completely change your eating habits.
intuitive eating
  • Bless your food. Saying a simple prayer or blessing over your food will not only immediately put you into a state of thankfulness but it will also breathe vital energy into the meal your about to consume. This means it will not only nourish you more completely but also be easier to digest.
  • Stay off electronics including your phone computer and TV. We spend ALL day with our faces buried in our devices and the lives of others. Meal time is a time of communion and to disconnect with the business of the outside world.
  • The average meal is eaten in 3min…. 3 min!? SLOW DOWN, breath between bites and appreciate each and every taste, smell and experience of your meal. You will get fuller faster and be more satisfied by doing so.
  1. Eating Seasonally + locally: As I mentioned in the beginning of this post our bodies are designed to interact and honor the seasons + surrounding climate.
intuitive eating
  • Eat with the seasons and counteract warm or cold with correlating foods + recipes. Example of this would be eating ice-cold green smoothies in the dead of winter in the mid-west. Our bodies are craving hot/warm GROUNDING foods during these months to keep us feeling centered.
  • Support your local farmers + get the MOST nutrients out of each bite by purchasing local produce. When you purchase fruit or veggies from Mexico, they were most likely picked at a time when they were NOT ripe and have been sitting in a cart for weeks or even months. Local=FRESH and nutrient packed.

By following these simple steps, I have truly begun to TRANSORM my relationship with food and the way I nourish my body. It is SO empowering to make your OWN choices and have a knowing that is completely unshakable about what is needed to be the BEST version of yourself.

Embody your TRUTH and don’t be afraid to politely “pass” on the marshmallow sweet potato casserole as we move into the holidays.

If you would like more support on tapping into your own intuitive power email me directly at or go to my 1:1 offerings Page.



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