Nutrition for Your Intuition


Combining my love for nutrition + intuition has been so incredibly fulfilling. To see my clients begin to nourish themselves with whole foods that intuitively work best for THEIR body instead of looking to external cues (diet books, expert opinions, trending articles) as to what they should eat is a beautiful thing.

When we learn to TRUST our bodies again and STOP putting our diet in the hands of others, true transformation begins to take place. A deepening of the mind, body & spirit has allowed me to experience the BODY PEACE I had been seeking for years and that is so FREEING.


If you haven’t noticed, intuition is my jam. I believe that it really is the KEY to unlocking our potential in so many aspects of our lives, but especially in the body.

Intuition is that inner voice felt in your heart or gut. It comes from a place of love and support and It ALWAYS has our best intentions in mind. Its subtle “feeling” can give us much needed guidance and clarity as we walk in this journey of life.

Our ancient ancestors relied on their inner guidance to ensure their physical safety, but tapping into this source of wisdom has unfortunately been lost for many of us.

We’ve been bombarded from the time we were small children with societal messages on who we should be, what we should eat, how we should act, what we should believe… the list goes on and on.

Which is why to END diet confusion, we really need to first take a step back from all the “should’s” of what others expect of us and go inwards to listen to our bodies true desires to THRIVE.


How do we begin to remove the clutter and years of programming to tap back into our intuition?

There are several ways to go about re-connecting to your intuition but the first step is to begin consuming high vibe foods that clear and cleanse the body, nourishing you on a SOUL level.

Have you ever noticed that after eating junk food you feel physically AND emotionally “off”? Not only do I get bloated and puffy after consuming fried foods, I notice that after a hour or even the next day I’m left feeling anxious and depressed.

This is because we have our physical body and our ENERGETIC body. The strength of our intuition is closely linked to our energetic health. Junk food bogs down both bodies and clouds the natural connection to our inner guidance. When left un-cleared this can manifest into physical dis-ease.

Organic, living foods hold high energy naturally cleanse our physical + energetic bodies so that we can easily tune into its subtle signals.


Your intuition is already a part of who you are, you just need to lift the cloud. This is why I encourage a abundance of whole foods that ENLIVEN you on every level.


I now choose a lifestyle filled with these high vibe whole foods NOT because I want to look a certain way or follow a certain diet but because it has allowed me to heal and TRANSFORM my mind, body and spirit on a level I didn’t even know was possible.

The secret here is to experiment with fruits/veggies/herbs that make YOU feel alive as these are going to be different for everyone. For example, every time I eat pineapple I notice my lips swell up. Others may feel energized and nourished from this tropical fruit so you have to honor your body listen to its subtle signals.

By detoxing your physical + energetic body and connecting back to your intuitive self, you will finally STOP relying on others for what you should be eating. Instead  you will trust yourself to find which high vibe foods work best for you.

Remember that you must remain flexible as our dietary needs change through the seasons and cycles of life. Especially as women since we go through 4 different menstrual cycles each month, each demanding different nutrients.


If you are ready to strengthen your own mind+body connection then my Awakening Reset 14-Day Cleanse is the PERFECT place to start. During this gentle + holistic cleanse, you are able to discover food sensitivities and experiment with foods that energize you. You will also learn new sacred self care rituals that will make you GLOW from the inside out.

Looking for a more customized approach? Check out Energy Therapy to find out which foods will strengthen your weakest chakras (energy centers) in the body. You will also be instantly cleared + balanced of energetic blocks. Reiki Sessions are conducted in my home studio located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I also conduct sessions remotely so you can stay in the comfort of your own home. 

I’d love to support you in your in this journey of self-discovery so if you have any questions please let me know in the comments or reach out to me directly at or schedule a 1:1 session through my online calendar.



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