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Curious about trying Reiki Energy Therapy in Grand Rapids? I’d be honored to guide you in this unique healing journey. There are several types of energy work but Reiki is one of the most commonly known methods. In my office, I use several energy healing modalities based on what I intuitively feel the client needs most. Reiki is just another tool in my “energy healing tool box.”


Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is a subtle and effective form of energy work.

Today, Reiki takes many forms, however, The Usui System of Natural Healing is still the form most widely practiced. I was trained and certified in this lineage of Reiki in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can read My Story of healing through Energy Work myself and the impact it had in my own journey.

I believe that without understanding the origin and meaning behind titles such as Reiki, we can easily form stigmas. This is one of the reasons I simply label the work I conduct Energy Therapy. I’m quite literally working to re-balance and restore my clients energetic body.


I’ve studied several types of energy work and have found that they all serve to produce the same healing benefits. Like Reiki, they all work to balance the 7 energy centers or chakras within the body. I’ve written a extensive blog post as to the physical, mental and emotional role that each chakra plays in our over all well-being. These energy centers are the hubs of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is why keeping them clear and balanced is key to thrive in our lives.


My unique 1:1 Breathwork + Energy Healing Sessions, brings your wellness full-circle and allows you to strengthen your mind+body connection in a new way.

The reason I brought Energy Therapy into my practice is because of the epidemic of those suffering with chronic anxiety. This is often the underlying cause of several ailments within the body. Until its successfully managed, you will continue to suffer on a physical level. Harvard has one of the worlds largest Energy Medicine Programs as they continue to research the benefits of Energy Therapy to naturally lower stress within the body.

For many women, eating right and exercising on a regular basis has become second nature. Yet their still left feeling disconnected, anxious, chronically fatigued and burnt out. Energy Therapy works to address this missing link and bring your body back to its natural state of balance.

If you have tried every diet under the sun with no success it may be “life toxins” or “emotional tension” getting in your way. When mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges are standing in your way, they can block your progress and undermine your health.

If cortisol (our stress hormone) is too high, diet and exercise may not be enough to achieve weight loss. This is why stress-reduction and creating balance in your life is KEY to your success.

Spreading the importance of Breathwork + Reiki in Grand Rapids, has been my mission. My hope is that more will realize the importance of managing your stress in a natural way. You no longer have to numb your emotional state with drugs or alcohol.


During an Energy Therapy session, suppressed emotions are released from your body, which naturally lowers stress. It is a gentle method that supports the release of negative patterns and built up emotions of the past. This modality of therapeutic touch truly empowers you as you let go of what is no longer serving you.

Similar to getting a massage, you will lay on a table, fully clothed and faced up. Gentle spa music plays in the background as aromatherapy and light healing touch ensures a relaxing state of mind. This is your time to completely decompress and be fully present in the moment.

Emotional release during these sessions is common and welcomed. As the body purges emotional blocks you may feel strong emotions such as sadness, grief or anger released through tears. Most will stay in a relaxed meditative state or even fall asleep.

After the session, you will receive recommendations customized specifically for you. I use a integrated approach with my clients because every aspect of our lives impacts the other. I look at strengthening not just your nutrition, but also your daily habits, self-care, stress, mindfulness and beyond. This ensures balance in both mind+body.


I give you the same tools I used in my own healing journey. This way you continue the healing in-between sessions. Strengthening your own intuitive knowing is a part of this process. This allows you to thrive in all aspects of your life and achieve the Body Peace you deserve.

After each session you will learn which energy centers were the weakest in your body. I then provide you with a custom protocol to naturally strengthen your body from the inside out. This often includes a list of specific plant-based foods, herbal supplements, guided meditations and beyond based on your current goals.

I’d be honored to guide you in your healing journey of showing you how effortless it is to Transform Mind, Body & Spirit with a 1:1 session of Breathwork + Reiki in Grand Rapids.

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I also host monthly workshops for Breathwork, Yoga Nidra, Reiki Energy Healing and more. LIKE my Facebook Page to stay up to date!

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