The Benefits of Grounding


You may have heard of the term grounding or earthing before. These acts that quite literally get us back to our roots, have been under the radar for most. Those that  have heard of grounding, dismiss it for hippies or brush it off as “woo-woo.”

Science has finally caught up to this age old tradition and there is some fascinating research that exposes not only that validation of grounding, but the many benefits. The piece of rubber between our soles and the earth, has left us disconnected and out of touch. If you are looking to try grounding for yourself or are already a tree-hugger like me that likes to see the facts, then keep reading.


Grounding is pretty simple. Walk outside barefoot and feel like the connection of the earth beneath your feet. Sink into this connection and feel the rush of feel good energy you are receiving from the soil. Have a big tree in your yard? Stand above its thick roots and wrap your arms around it. Yes, literally tree hugging. Anxiety and pain can melt away in minutes from these two acts. Seem to good to be true? I was also skeptical when I first heard of grounding or forest bathing a few years ago. Though, once I began trying it for myself, I couldn’t deny all the good vibes I was feeling.

When we are in nature and walk on the ground with bare feet, we are connecting to the earths electromagnetic frequency. It runs at 7.83 hertz and is actually the same frequency that our bodies run best at.  We are bio-electric beings living on a electric, energy filled planet. Our heart and nervous system are prime examples of that. Think of grounding as a kind of “electrical nutrition.” There is a synergistic wave that floods are body, one that our bodies lovingly invite and truly crave.


Years of research has now shown the benefits of connecting our bare feet to the earth. Think about how amazing it feels to walk bare foot along the beach or in a patch of fresh green grass. Its one of my favorite things to to in the warm months. There are so many common inflammatory symptoms that can be alleviated by grounding. The electronic frequency that runs through the earth actually has a antioxidant effect on the body, protecting us from inflammation.

Other noticeable benefits of grounding include:

  • Decreased pain in the body
  • Less stress & anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Strengthening the adrenals
  • Protection from electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Slows aging

After discovering all the benefits myself, I now make a conscious effort to get outside as much as possible and feel the connection beneath my feet. I’m using it myself to assist in the healing of my adrenals after recently discovering that I have extreme adrenal burnout. I honestly feel a sense of peace and instant gratification from grounding and suggest it to many of my clients.


A Holistic lifestyle doesn’t include magic diet pills, shakes or gadgets. Sure, I love to take advantage of better living through science but for the most part we need to simplify our lives, not make them more complicated. There’s nothing simpler than taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the earth to instantly calm your body.

Speaking of gadgets, be sure that you are gadget FREE when you practice grounding yourself. We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFS) from cell phones, TV’s, radios, computers, etc. So when you go for your walk to feel the complete benefits, disconnect and leave your cell phone at home or turn it on airplane mode. As you deepen your own mind+body connection, you too will be able to sense the benefits of this simple tradition that so many of us have lost touch with.

Have you tried grounding? I’d if so I’d love to hear from you! Post your tips or questions in the comments below.If your looking to take a deeper dive and incorporate more holistic habits like this one into your own life for a total transformation then I’d love to guide you through that journey! Check out my 1:1 sessions to learn more to learn more.



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