Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

Winter Blues

In this post i’ll share my TOP tips for beating the winter blues while learning how to Discover Body Peace ALL year no matter the season. If you live in the mid-west like me then you’ve likely experienced some form of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Its a form of depression related changes in the seasons and is becoming increasingly common as we spend most of our days indoors.

Symptoms associated with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) include:

  • Feeling depressed most of the day, nearly every day
  • Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Having low energy
  • Having problems with sleeping
  • Experiencing changes in your appetite or weight
  • Feeling sluggish or agitated
  • Having difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling hopeless, worthless or guilty
  • Having frequent thoughts of death or suicide

As I’ve become more mindful of my body over the years, I’ve discovered that I am definitely affected and can relate to quite a few of these symptoms. They typically start creeping in mid-October and are fully felt by December, lasting through February.

I believe that the fall-winter months is a time that we need to SLOW down, enjoy more sleep, engage in gentle movement and indulge in heartier foods. 

Combating the winter blues with holistic modalities has been absolutely LIFE CHANGING for me. I’ve been able to finally ease into my winter rituals with joy + absolute ease. Its now a time of year I look forward to for extra self-care. 

Here are my top 10 tips to beat the winter blues and feeling like YOURSELF all year. 

1. Vitamin D3

  • It’s both a vitamin and a hormone – because of its effects on hormones in the body, it’s thought to affect mood by improving your sense of well-being.
  • For SAD (seasonal affective disorder), 1,000-5,000 IU can be effective. Some may need upwards of 10,000 IU’s to feel the benefit. (I am one of those people!) Check with your doctor first – Vitamin D levels can be determined with a simple blood test.
  • This is the brand I use myself + recommend to my clients: NatureWise Vitamin D3

2. Full Spectrum Sunlamps 

  • SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a cyclic form of depression caused by changes in the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle that regulates biochemical processes in the body. When the levels of light change in the fall and winter, in some people, this cycle can be disrupted.
  • Levels of melatonin and serotonin drop in the winter, and can cause lethargy and weight gain
  • Light therapy treats the cause of SAD, lack of light, without any side effects
  • Easy to use/travel with – portable and rechargeable
  • Available on Amazon for about $60-120 (my recommendation below!)
  • Place at midriff 20 to 30 inches from face
  • Use at least 15 minutes per day preferably in the morning
  • Verilux Full Spectrum Happy Light is the lamp I use daily!

3. Don’t fight it – rest

  • Hibernate (go to bed early, movie binges, say no to too many activities/making other people happy instead of yourself, take days off)

4. Warm foods

  • Hot lemon water upon waking to warm up + gently detoxify the body
  • Oatmeal or avocado toast for breakfast
  • Broths, soups & stews or lunch/dinner
  • Herbal tea in-between meals

5. Circular, Connected Breathwork You can renew your body+mind through Breathwork Healing.

I guide clients through this active form of meditation which uses a circular and connected pattern of breathing. It can change emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of dis-connect, anxiety and stress.

It is a healing practice that is an efficient and effective way to emotionally + physically detox the body. You can release up to 70% toxins using this breath.

Breathwork Healing is a simple tool that supports us in shedding those heavy weights of anxiety, negative emotion, stress & tension.

6. See a comedy show or funny movie

  • Humor and laughter strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress
  • Triggers the release of endorphin’s
  • Laughing with others is even more powerful than laughing alone
  • It’s a great date night!

7. CBD Oil 

  • Clinically proven to naturally reduce stress + anxiety within minutes of consumption.
  • Read more on how CBD is an ideal supplement for those experiencing SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and has been shown to be effective at treating numerous symptoms associated with the disorder.
  • I sell organic and locally grown CBD tinctures to clients all over the U.S via postal mail.

8. Movement a few times a week that gets you sweaty

  • Hot yoga, dance, kickboxing, spin class

9. Great looking winter clothes so you don’t feel dumpy

  • Wear vibrant colors and fitted clothes so you aren’t tempted to over eat and hide your food baby

10. Enjoy a Infrared Sauna Session or Inframat 

  • Warm up with a Infrared Sauna Session
  • Benefits of a Infrared Sauna or Inframat include: detoxification, weight-loss, skin purification, relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief, reduction in inflammation.

Implement a few if not ALL of these into your winter regimen and I promise that you will ignite your passion for life again!



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