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I’ve been blessed to work with the chakra system during my healing sessions. Learning this integral component of the human body, has truly opened my eyes up to the importance of balanced chakras.

I’ll be sharing with you the seven main chakras and how they impact us on all levels: physical, emotional & spiritual. I’ve read countless books that explain the chakra system in its entirety and it can get pretty complex. This post will be a easy to digest snap shot of the chakra system. By understanding the basics, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for caring for not just your physical body, but also your energetic body.


1. Root: Located at the base of the spine this energy center keeps you feeling grounded, secure and safe. This root chakra hold both our genetic inheritance for vitality as well as our innate predispositions to disease.

  • Physical: This chakra is connected with the adrenal glands which produce several hormone responses in the body, most notably the stress response.
  • Emotional: Aggression, anger, violence and jealousy are housed here.
  • Mental: Attitudes of separation, exclusivity and belonging come from the Root chakra.

2. Sacral: Located in the pelvis near the sacrum this energy center promotes our ability to enjoy life in physical ways. It governs are vital well-being, our sense of deserving a good life and our ability to develop a sense of abundance.

  • Physical: This chakra is connected to the reproductive organs, which control sexual development.
  • Emotional: Pleasure, feeling good, deservedness, joy and feeling envious are all tied to the sacral chakra.
  • Mental: Attitudes of being and having enough along with knowing that you deserve the life you say you want are all important aspects of this chakra.


3. Solar Plexus: This chakra sits over the stomach. It filters energy into our vital organs so that they can break down nutrients for digestion. This chakra deals with self-esteem, confidence and freedom of choice. It reflects how we see ourselves and exercise our innate power.

  • Physical: Associated with the Pancreas, this is the organ that processes sugar. It also controls digestion of food.
  • Emotional: Your self-worth, confidence, power and clear choices for self-hood.
  • Mental: Attitudes of being well with yourself and knowing your worth. Linking into your personal power, comes from an affirmed sense of self-hood.

4. Heart Chakra: The heart chakra is the center of the human energy system. It functions both physically and emotionally to keep your life force alive. The heart thrives on joy, peace and understanding. A happy heart is the tonic of life.

  • Physical: Connected to the Thymus, this gland is responsible for maintaining a strong immune system.
  • Emotional: The ability to give and receive love, first to yourself then to others.
  • Mental: Attitudes of happiness, joy and delight as you embrace life fully.

5. Throat Chakra: The throat chakra is covers the area of the external and internal throat/neck. It is often blocked with suppressed feelings, revealing unspoken emotions and unexpressed idea. The qualities expressed by the throat chakra are creativity, willpower, truth and communication.

  • Physical: Connected to the thyroid which controls metabolism and affects physical and mental development.
  • Emotional: Releasing feelings through expressing yourself. This includes crying, shouting and laughing.
  • Mental: The throat chakra is associated with having a clear sense that expressing your truth is your key to individuality. Gossiping, lying and exaggerating all hinder your throat chakra.


6. Brow Chakra: The brow or 3rd eye chakra is our innate intelligence and thrives on the distilled wisdom of our losses, pain and separations. When it is open and functioning well, we can discern our highest good as well as profound awareness and intuition.

  • Physical: Associated with the pituitary gland, it influences metabolism, growth, and several other hormones within the body.
  • Emotional: Giving yourself permission to experience your feelings, whatever they are is important for the health of this energy center.
  • Mental: Attitudes that are self-confirming, accepting, inclusive are all connected to the brow chakra. When balanced it gives you the ability to develop understanding for your own limitations and those of others. Cultivating forgiveness and gratitude is also a important aspect of this energy center.

7. Crown Chakra: The crown is the most elevated chakra in the system. It provides the means to deepen our indelible connection with the source of being. It influences our deep inner cycles, such as sleep, happiness and tranquility. Its qualities are bliss, beauty & spirituality.

  • Physical: Connected to our pineal gland which produces melatonin and regulates our body clock.
  • Emotional: Wanting to cultivate bliss and surrender to what is.
  • Mental: Developing a holistic and universal principle of acceptance, respect and knowing that we never do anything without the help of a higher source.

Want to take a deeper dive on the chakra system and how a Reiki session in Grand Rapids can help balance them? Check out this in-depth discussion from MBG.


Understanding the chakras and their emotional components helps me to diagnose where there is imbalance and where healing is needed most. As I balance the chakras one by one, emotions that were previously blocked may be experienced. Its not uncommon for a client to release energy through tears, laughter or even anger during a session.

Energy Healing is the gentle art of removing blockages within each energy center which returns the body back to a state of balance. Often the healing takes place from the inside out and from the top down. You may notice internal changes before you see external change.

There are several layers of healing that take place as we work to release years and years of suppressed emotional pain, anger, sadness, guilt, etc. This is why being consistent with you healing sessions is key to achieving your physical, emotional and spiritual goals.

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of Reiki Energy Healing + book your first session with me click HERE.

Have you experienced the power of Energy Healing or Reiki before? If so I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below!



work cited: Wauters, Ambika. The Book of Chakras. New York, Barrons, 2002.
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