Healing with a Reiki Master + Breathwork Facilitator

Reiki Master in Grand Rapids

Stress effects us at all levels

We now know that stress is the #1 cause of chronic anxiety, tension and overwhelm. Its inevitable in today’s world. A daily challenge that we have to learn to manage and adapt to on a consistent basis. Otherwise it will wreak havoc on our mental, emotional and physical state.

So how do we effortlessly and more importantly, naturally release stress?

In my Office The Healing Space, I guide my clients through a powerful, yet deeply restorative combination of Guided Meditation, Conscious Breathwork & Reiki Energy Therapy. Out of them all, the most potent tool I’ve discovered within alternative healing is Conscious, circular, connected breathwork which is fairly new and unknown to most of the population. Sharing this potent medicine is my life’s mission.

Discovering Breathwork Healing

Its not a breath to relax you or any breathwork that you have likely experienced before, its a breath pattern that moves heavy emotional energy out of the body. Leaving you feeling incredibly calm, in your mind + heart. Along with strengthening the nervous system so you are more resilient to everyday stress. Many of my clients attribute a combination of Breathwork + Reiki Energy Healing to feeling more grounded in their lives, even when new obstacles and stressors are thrown their way.

In last week’s Podcast I took a DEEP dive into all things Conscious Breathwork. Not yet subscribed? Download on Spotify or Apple iTunes through this link. 

To schedule a 1:1 healing session in Grand Rapids, head over to my online calendar. I recommend at least 90min if this is our first time together. As a Reiki Master in Grand Rapids and Breathwork Healer for the past 4 years, I’ve been so blessed to serve my community in this way and spread this natural way to heal from the inside + out.

I have several opportunities for you to heal with me from the comfort of your own home as well! Head over to my Classes Schedule for a Full List of Virtual Breathwork + Energy Healing Sessions from the comfort of your own home!

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