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How to Find True Happiness

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It’s an age-old question. One that’s been pondered and debated for hundreds of years. In the modern world, with access to the findings of brilliant researchers, psychologists, and philosophers, we now have some more concrete proof of what can actually promote happiness.

As many of us have learned, it’s often not money, a new car, a big home, or material things that truly bring us happiness (though often we will trick ourselves that we “need” these things to feel fulfilled). Time and again, not long after we get that next “thing” that’s supposed to make us happy, we’re already looking for something else to fill that space inside. Several studies show that while there are many conceptualizations of happiness, there are a few main contributors to peace and fulfillment.

What can we do to cultivate happiness?

True happiness stems from meaningful contribution.


We can make meaningful contributions by using our natural gifts, talents, and skills to improve others’ lives in some way. Each of us has unique abilities and instincts. Finding a way to utilize our fortes to benefit someone else helps us act from our heart rather than our ego.


Moreover, we define our reality (level of happiness) from what we BELIEVE. Our thoughts, attitude, and beliefs all stem from the subconscious mind, where we project 95% of our lives from. To begin releasing negative beliefs, we can use conscious breathwork to access the subconscious and allow that heaviness to cascade out.


Above all, happiness is a CHOICE that is possible for most of us. Numerous studies have indicated that people who are happier have specific daily habits. These routines can include exercise, meditation, maintaining healthy relationships, pursuing goals, and practicing gratitude. You can listen to one of my podcasts about the power of intention to transform our lives. With a clear understanding of ourselves, we are better able to sustain the commitment to experience our full potential.


Combining the above daily habits with meaningful contributions is a recipe for fulfillment and true joy each and every day. Yes, there will be ups and downs. Unexpected obstacles along our path along with hardships are inevitable in life. But, we can chose to be intentional about the outlook we want to have each day. This perspective gives us the power to co-create our realities. We all deserve to experience fulfilling happiness and joy. I know it can be easy to find yourself lost, unhappy, and full of negative energy. Thankfully, there will always be a path of hope and peace waiting for you.


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