How To Overcome Disconnection

Forgiveness Event

Forgiveness Event

Its taken many years to learn how to overcome disconnection in my own life. As an empath and someone with strong gift in Clairsentience, living and working in the city has been pretty tough for me. Though I love the convenience and community vibe of my surroundings, energetically it’s a lot. Looking back at my childhood, I realize now that I had no idea how good I actually had it for the health of my sensitive soul. Days were spent playing, exploring nature with my siblings, surrounded by animals and definitely not any internet influence. I wasn’t given a phone until I started driving! Even then, it was a flip phone strictly for calling only.

In my twenties I moved to the city because I wanted to escape the small town I was raised in. It felt like an inspiring, exhilarating adventure at first. But, over the course of a few years, I began to feel steadily more and more disconnected within. Unfortunately, it can be easy to become detached from our inner peace with all of the noise, bustle, and hardships in the world today. I knew I needed to reconnect with that fulfilling stillness from my adolescence if I wanted to tap into peacefulness.

How can you find better connection?

Here are my top recommendations for restoring a line of communication with your intuition.

  1. Breathwork: Cultivating a Breathwork practice can unlock a deep meditative state and allow the intuitive downloads to flow freely. Our breath is responsible for our relationship with our nervous systems. It’s a powerful tool for healing and connection. If you want to learn more about the Calming Breath Method, check out one of my previous blog posts here.
  1. Meditation:  Meditation is all about training ourselves to be more aware and conscious in our bodies. Learning to meditate takes consistent practice (like exercising a muscle) to unlock its benefits. Some of which range from stress release, deeper sleep, and increased focus among many others. Try listening to this energizing breath meditation podcast as a short, simple way to experience the advantages of releasing excess stagnation.
  1. Practice mindfulness: To be mindful is to be conscious and aware of sensations in the here and now. Nurturing mindfulness as a practice is a powerful tool to anchor ourselves in the present moment.
  1. Spend time in nature: Physical movement, even just a leisurely walk outside under the shade of tree branches or alongside a body of water can lower stress hormone levels and calm our nervous systems.

Of course, there’s not one, exclusive way to overcome disconnection. You can rest knowing it’s never too late to discover an inner sense of harmony and peace.

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Whether you are local to Grand Rapids and can join me at my East Town office The Healing Space or you are somewhere else in the world. Allow me to guide you in this experience of transformative healing.

All of my Breathwork sessions are combined with Reiki Energy Therapy, Crystals, a Holistic Health Consultation & recommendations in-between sessions with healing tools so you can continue empowering your own journey. Learn more about my in-person + virtual offerings HERE.

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