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How to raise your vibration with crystals

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If you’ve visited my healing office in Grand Rapids you know it’s filled with crystals. In all my 1:1 healing sessions, I use crystals as tools to clear negative energies that arise and to fill the body with a higher vibration.

What is vibrational energy?

While vibrational energy is currently popular in the wellness world, it’s also based in physics. Einstein established that the universe is energy. Every plant, rock, thought, and molecule vibrates at different frequencies. In humans, high vibrational energy feels light and at ease. On the other hand, experiencing low energy resembles negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, and anger.

Why should you want to raise your vibration?

Higher vibrations increase your energy levels, happiness, and bodily health. Aside from the physical benefits, raising your vibration makes it easier to connect with Spirit and manifest your definition of success.

So, how do crystals play into transforming energy? You can shift vibrations through exercising, practicing conscious breath work, and by utilizing specific crystals. High-energy crystals protect against low vibrations and help keep your chakras aligned. You can wear them as jewelry, hold them in moments of meditation, or keep them at your place of work — whatever feels right for you.

My top 3 crystals for personal use and healing:

1. Selenite: This angelic, snow white stone is as powerful as it is unassuming.  Clarity and consciousness are rooted in this stone’s meaning. Selenite’s worldly history with the moon highlights its focus on bringing peace and purity to head and heart.
2. Amethyst: Super high in vibrations, this gorgeously purple stone radiates healing energy. It’s perfect for bringing you into calmness, tranquility, and connecting to your intuition.
3. Quartz: Clear Quartz is unique in its association will all of the chakras. Spiritually, it is an energy enhancer and multi-dimensional healer. Perfect for intense manifestation, this stone amplifies your thoughts and feelings.

After first exploring the use crystals in my own reiki healing sessions, I quickly fell in love with their grounding, and uplifting nature. Overall, each crystal serves a different purpose. It’s important to pay attention to your Higher Self when choosing which one to incorporate as part of the healing process.

Learn More

Whether you are local to Grand Rapids and can join me at my East Town office The Healing Space or you are somewhere else in the world. Allow me to guide you in this experience of transformative healing.

All of my Breathwork sessions are combined with Reiki Energy Therapy, Crystals, a Holistic Health Consultation & recommendations in-between sessions with healing tools so you can continue empowering your own journey. Learn more about my in-person + virtual offerings HERE.

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