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The Chakra System Explained

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Thanks in part to the rise of spiritual self-care practices, you may have heard the term “Chakra” mentioned in casual conversation, by yogis, or even on a social media post. But, what exactly is a chakra, and why is it important?

What does chakra mean?

The word chakra originates from the Sanskrit language over 3000 years ago. Translated, it means “wheel” in the English language. In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Ayurvedic belief systems, chakra refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are 7 main chakras along the spine, which store intuitive energy, such as thoughts, feelings, and memories. These can both influence and inform our mindsets, behaviors, emotional health.

What are the main seven chakras?

In ascending order, starting at the base of your spine, I’ll illustrate a few points about each of the main seven chakras:

  • ROOT: The center of our safety, security, and survival. The root chakra leaves us feeling grounded when balanced and disconnected or fearful when out of balance.
  • SACRAL: The center of our pleasure, emotional expression, and creativity. The sacral chakra inspires us to “bring new life” into the world, whether that’s a baby or a new project. A blocked sacral chakra results in stagnation and creative blocks.
  • SOLAR PLEXUS: The center of our divine will, personal power, and confidence. A blocked solar plexus chakra can leave us feeling disempowered and insecure in our lives.
  • HEART: The center of not only giving and receiving love, but of our joy, fulfillment, and feelings of being expansive. When the heart chakra is blocked, emotions of fear, doom, heartache, or numbness dominate our emotional state.
  • THROAT: The center of speaking our authentic truth and expression openly. A closed off throat center may manifest as being unable to speak up towards certain people in our lives.
  • THIRD EYE: The center of our inner-vision and guidance. When the third-eye chakra is blocked off, we likely cannot dream or envision anything in our mind’s eye during meditation.
  • CROWN: The center that connects us to our higher selves, God, and Spirit. The crown is the beautiful creation space for spiritual connection, reminding us we’re never alone. When blocked off, you feel disconnected from divine love and alone in the world.

Why should we pay attention to our chakras?


Caring for our consciousness centers is important because each chakra corresponds to massive nerve centers throughout our bodies. Think of these energy clusters like water flowing downstream from pool to pool. A blocked or clogged entrance to a pool affects the entire water flow. Opened chakras equate to a balanced connection between our mind, body, and Spirit. By aligning the chakra system, we can experience mental and physical benefits, gaining access to our high selves.

If you’re interested in learning more, episode 3: Chakras + Energy Medicine and episode 4: Chakra Balancing Meditation on The Heal Podcast explains how our chakra system affects all aspects of our lives. Cultivating introspective grounding tools is an excellent start to learning how you can begin nourishing your energetic being.

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