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Lessons in Complete Surrender

The art of surrender and letting go is a reasonably counter-culture practice in today’s world. While I’ve been cultivating this lifestyle and mindset of relinquishing control for some time, my current pregnancy is a lesson in complete surrender.

I’m officially into the second trimester, and these first few months have physically been so much more demanding than I could have ever imagined. Although, with the challenges comes an initiation as I evolve into this new role. The Universe has a unique way of reminding us that no matter how structured, planned, and perfect we try to sculpt our personal worlds, nearly everything is out of our control. For example, I thought healing from Lyme was painful, but the everyday fatigue, nausea, and headaches I’m feeling now take the cake.

I’ve wholly released the tight schedule and routine that I used to be committed to daily. Morning spin class, meditation practice, and journaling have pretty much gone out the window. Not to mention my podcast has been on a hiatus and several other exciting plans put on the back burner, too. Instead of feeling anxious or stressed about the current circumstances, I recognize the opportunity to practice surrender.

Ways you can let go and release control:

  1. Release what you can’t control: as hard as we may try, we cannot healthily micro-manage every aspect of our lives. 
  2. Embrace whatever emotions and worries have risen: it’s okay to hold space for your feelings and frustrations. But, after acknowledging them, let them go. 
  3. Increase self-awareness: check out my podcast Letting Go + Surrender for tools on how to begin the process, creating space for miracles to unfold in your own life. 
  4. Pause for a moment of gratitude: suffering, pain, and hardship is a universal experience. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what’s going wrong than the blessings and grace that’s present, as well. 
  5. Find comfort in knowing the Universe and Spirit are both in you and for you.

The phrase “letting go and surrender” can seem abstract, but in practice, trusting the Universe isn’t just about having faith. Sometimes, we have to be practical and face our limiting beliefs and fears with courage. It isn’t until we can accept that what holds us back doesn’t serve us that moving forward becomes a reality. 

So, how is complete surrender working for me?

This slow season is a new type of growth and prioritizes honoring my body in unprecedented ways. Breathwork teaches us that it’s safe to release control of your life, to follow your intuition, and to give yourself grace when it feels like your world is upside down. Because of this, I’ve never felt more aligned with everything unfolding. It’s incredibly freeing to let go and trust that we’re being divinely guided every step of the way.


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