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Protecting Your Peace Through Forgiveness


Everyone can resonate with the feelings of hurt, betrayal, or rejection by another, and maybe even the sense that forgiveness is impossible. For most of my life, I kept a guarded heart as a coping mechanism to continuing moving with the pain of such sufferings. Over time and past heartbreaks, I built an inner-steel wall to protect me from being hurt again. Little did I know, the more impenetrable the wall became the more disconnected I became from myself. 

The jadedness that comes from resentment, bitterness, frustration and judgement towards those that hurt you is consuming. I wasn’t even aware of this indifference until my first breathwork healing ceremony, when years of sadness I had been holding onto finally released from my heart.

How can you start the healing process with forgiveness?

Under your own anger, hostility, and judgement of the other is simply unexpressed sadness, hurt, and betrayal searching for a safe release. The healing begins within our heart, and breathwork is its medicine.

If you’ve explored any of my work, you know the benefits to a consistent breathwork practice are not insignificant. Reduced stress and anxiety, better digestion, increased energy, and a release of traumatic pain are just a few to name. You can also listen to one of my podcast episodes here, where I unpack all the details of conscious breathwork if you’re curious and new to this method of healing forgiveness.

Sadly, many of us do not feel ready to fully forgive yet. I honor the courage it takes to get to this next step.

What happens when we don’t forgive?

By holding onto the desire to “get even,” you are spiritually poisoning yourself. Like a young flower, our inner-world blossoms only if we nurture it on a continuous basis. Refusing to forgive is toxic; it stunts your growth, healing, and evolution to your physical and spiritual self.

Stuck in a cycle of blame, you may experience a harmful brew of guilt, shame, self-judgment, and self-sabotage. You may not even realize that you’re being so hard on yourself because you decided to withhold forgiveness. Not only that, but this endless imprisonment separates you from God and the Universe, the source of all love and wholeness. Without access to the Higher Power, we remain trapped in a state of detachment. No one wants to feel that disconnect to source. We have to let down our pride and stubbornness to truly heal and set ourselves free with forgiveness.

God, Spirit, the Universe…whatever you resonate with, this is our source for a loving, fulfilling, trusting and abundant life. I can’t promise the path to healing and compassion is without challenge. However, it is our birth right and true being, behind all the layers of hurt. Protect your peace — forgive and let go.


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Whether you are local to Grand Rapids and can join me at my East Town office The Healing Space or you are somewhere else in the world. Allow me to guide you in this experience of transformative healing.

All of my Breathwork sessions are combined with Reiki Energy Therapy, Crystals, a Holistic Health Consultation & recommendations in-between sessions with healing tools so you can continue empowering your own journey. Learn more about my in-person + virtual offerings HERE.

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