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Harnessing the Energy of Full Moons

There are countless ways to incorporate the energy of a Full Moon into your healing journey. Full Moons are meant to be times of rejuvenation, release, and reflection – necessary steps along the path of change and growth. 

Why are Full Moons important?

Humans have paid attention to lunar cycles for millennia all over the globe. Different cultures have varying rituals and symbolism for the moon’s phases. However, there is a modern sacredness about connecting with lunar energy. It’s a way to live more in sync with the environment and with yourself.


Once every month, the sun completely illuminates the moon’s surface, reflecting maximum light and vitality from the sun’s rays. All Full Moons represent a time of release. This is your chance to let go of heavy emotional weights and buried energetic stagnation. We must embrace all the dark aspects of ourselves if we want to come back into wholeness.


Try not to start something new during the full moon, such as a new project or embark, overwork or overstress yourself, or make any life-altering decisions. Full moons are powerful energetic culminations and upheavals, which can prompt rash decision-making. Instead, use this time to rest, reflect and release that which no longer serves you.


How can I harness the Full Moon’s energy beneficially?

Here are four ways I recommend preparing for and engaging with a Full Moon cycle:

  1. Set intentions through journaling.
  2. Practice a Full Moon guided meditation: Meditations during a full moon can be a powerful tool to connect with lunar energy. Try meditating before any ritual or task to align your mind and Spirit with your intentions.
  3. Join a healer for a conscious Breathwork journey to start releasing.
  4. Rest and eat nourishing foods for your body.

Often, we think that shadows should stay hidden because they cannot and should not exist in our conscious selves. Society tells us to focus on love and light, but never our darkness. Unfortunately, focusing solely on your positive side is easy and comfortable, but it keeps you stuck in your healing journey. Incorporating the grounding energy of a full moon into your spiritual practices can be an effective way of embracing your whole self. 


“As the Moon falls into the darkness, it symbolizes all of our own dark emotions rising to the surface. All of the shadows that have lurked behind the scenes suddenly come into our awareness.


It is in the darkness that we can transform; it is in the darkness that we can connect with our own Spirit, and it is in the darkness that we can dream of a brighter and better world for all.” @foreverconscious


Learn More

Whether you are local to Grand Rapids and can join me at my East Town office The Healing Space or you are somewhere else in the world. Allow me to guide you in this experience of transformative healing.

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