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How to Cultivate Abundance

Our mindsets can radically, undoubtedly determine whether we view our lives in terms of abundance or emptiness. Our internal state reflects our outer world. If you truly want to call in abundance and co-create your life, you must begin by looking inwards.

Over the past decade, I have continuously worked to up-level all aspects of my life. In my twenties, the abundance I sought was in the material world. Though I was able to call it in, I soon realized that money did not equal happiness. Then, through my own 15+ years of health struggles, I learned that without your health, we have nothing. So I decided to heal myself and uncover the vitality buried under years of pain.

Where does this terminology come from?

Author Stephen Covey coined the phrase “abundance vs. scarcity mindset” in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. However, the traits of cultivating an abundant mindset are ancient and rooted in spiritual wellness. For example, thinking and believing that there are more opportunities than limitations, gratitude is stronger than envious comparison and embracing rather than fearing change are all aspects of abundance.

Scarcity mindsets tend to include statements such as, “They always get what they want. I can’t have what they have. I don’t have enough ___.” It forces people to compete for resources, wealth, relationships, even love. It also pushes opportunities away. If you feel trapped in a fixed mindset, you’re more likely to stay stuck in the motions, unable to change, improve, or grow. Unlike an abundant growth mentality, scarcity thrives off of limited existence.

How can I create an abundance mindset?

  • Practice daily gratitude
  • Cultivate confidence in yourself and your purpose
  • Be intentional with your words and energy
  • Reduce your social media consumption (reduce comparisons)
  • Recognize your strengths and values

Dedicating yourself to thinking and living abundantly can lead you to genuine fulfillment, control over your emotional states, intensified creativity, and attracting positive affirmations with ease. In addition, cultivating abundance in your life is to believe in potential and in a more profound connection.

True healing and stepping into empowerment allow you to co-create abundance not only in your finances or career but in your relationships, health, joy, and freedom. You are uncovering your true power and purpose to its fullest. Practicing daily gratitude and presence taps you into this way of being. Though we will always experience obstacles and hardships as humans, we also can experience daily abundance in all aspects if we simply tune in.


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