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A Practice for Releasing Anxiety

Anxiety can have many different causes, but it’s something that almost everyone will experience in varying degrees at some point in their life. Often our overactive racing mind stems from being completely disconnected from our body. For many of us, this is the norm. We experience trauma or messaging in our childhood that it’s not safe to be in our bodies, so we adopt habits that numb us to dissociate.

Drinking, smoking, binge-watching TV or scrolling social media, overeating, and keeping ourselves occupied with work…These are all ways in which we disconnect ourselves on a subconscious level.

How does anxiety manifest?

Anxiety can be a reaction to stress, an event, a person, even a conversation. Feeling nervous, worried, afraid, or uneasy can show up in body, mind, and spirit. While anxiousness is an entirely normal emotion to experience, it can spiral into overwhelm easily and impact daily life.

What are some practices you can use to release your anxious mind?

One of my favorite practices for dropping back into my body takes only five to ten minutes each morning. I sit in stillness with both hands placed on my body to feel its presence. Typically, one hand is on my heart, and the other is resting on my belly. Or I will place both hands face down on my knees. Either placement is incredibly grounding.

I then begin to engage my breath by breathing slowly through my nose and exhaling gently through my mouth for a few rounds. With soft music in the background or sometimes a guided meditation, I continue this practice by envisioning my heart-opening. I then bring to mind all that I have to be grateful for in my life, both in the present moment and the gratitude + love I feel for all that I am currently cultivating within my life.

Every morning I stay in this heart-centered space, connecting back to my body and breath. Sometimes this practice lasts fifteen minutes, and other times it’s just five minutes. A simple yet incredibly nourishing part of my day that I cannot go without.

Here are some other options:

  • Try to refrain from multitasking throughout the day.
  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • Commit to a regimented sleep routine.
  • Utilize your creativity to expel inner turmoil.

If you are currently missing a practice of dropping back into your body, I highly recommend trying the above. If you’re looking for a guided version, I have a few heart-centered meditations on The Heal Podcast linked in my bio.

Above all, find a version of grounding that feels the most supportive to you, and then stay consistent with it. I promise this daily habit will begin to transform your internal state of mind.

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