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Intuitive Boundaries in Pregnancy

My boundaries have been tested time and time again in this pregnancy. Thankfully, saying “no” and speaking up for myself feels much easier when I’m not only advocating for myself but another being.

Many of you know my history with allopathic medicine and hitting wall after wall with doctors. It truly wasn’t until I took responsibility for my healing journey that I witnessed progress for the first time.

In the early months of this journey, I began to hit the same walls with the hospital system and even some doulas and midwives that are supposedly holistically minded. It instantly brought me back to that sense of distrust, disappointment, frustration, and anger I felt while trying to heal in my twenties. I was not feeling fully heard, understood, or seen as a human going through a massive transition and growing another life.

The Change

I prayed for guidance, and suddenly events unfolded that left me leaving the care I had for the initial seven months. I stood up for my body, what I wanted from my experience, and my baby.

It took a lot of courage to speak up and set these boundaries. So many think they have no choice — that going through a traditional medical system is the only way. I believe you have to find the path that makes you feel the most empowered, safe, nurtured, and fully respected along the way. That looks different for all of us, but I’m taking the road less traveled in this specific journey, guided by intuition.

It’s been one of the greatest lessons in surrender and letting go. And ultimately, this birth could unfold in so many ways. As I enter into the unknown, I’m completely humbled by the innate wisdom my body holds.

The Present

My gratitude for the women who came before me continues to grow each day. The courage of those who paved the transformation into motherhood while still following their dreams serves to inspire my spirit unequivocably.

On my way to following my dream of transitioning solely to group work, podcasting, retreats, and courses, we are selling our home, moving into an apartment, buying land, and starting a family all at once. It’s been the wildest and most expansive journey as I’ve stretched to let go, surrender and trust over and over.

Furthermore, over this pregnancy, my sensitivity to the outside world and collective energy has dramatically intensified. Using this newfound sensitivity to tune back into my internal state allows me to listen intently to the intuitive guidance from within. Shedding away all the should’s and expectations from my ego, instead, following my heart.

Begin honing your intuitive being by:

  • Releasing the distractions of the outside world
  • Forgoing comparison
  • Calming your inner-critic
  • Releasing pressure from family or friends
  • Removing resistance
  • Releasing procrastination

Connect to your intuitive being by:

  • Protecting stillness
  • Harnessing your breath
  • Writing and listening from the heart

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there’s a mass awakening occurring right now. Like most, I’m craving truth and transparency in all aspects of life. For me, that equates to connecting with my authentic self and embodying that version of my intuitive self.

Because of these massive transitions and initiations, I’ve been more inward than I have in years. I’m taking my power back as a woman who trusts her body’s intuitive wisdom along the way—honoring, listening, resting, and trusting the greatest teacher, who lies within.


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