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Mindfulness in Seasons of Transition

As summer begins to ease into autumn, the time for yet another transition is upon us. Whether it’s a significant life change or a shift in the temperature, it’s essential to ask ourselves, “How are you prioritizing your self-care as we move into this new season?”

Residing in and connecting back to my body, mind, and heart has been a daily priority through all the collective chaos. If I skip my morning routine or weekly sessions of self-care, I’m left feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, and swept up by the busyness of my mind. Having a space to focus my energy during these times of transition is invaluable.

Why change is challenging

We are connected to mother earth and her seasons. Fall brings my favorite energy of the year – the equilibrium of day and night, representing the light and darkness in our lives. The long summer nights have passed, and we are now in a season of transition. Autumn is a beautiful time to reset and honor yourself and all you have done these past few months. This is a time of harvest.

However, whenever we are forced through change, it can be unsettling. In-between states require us to let go of what we know and make room for new growth. We can spend a lot of time in our lives stagnant in comfort zones, suppressing the unlearning and relearning, and evolving consciousness. But, nature reminds us, as much of a struggle transition can be, it’s also the key to a beautiful creation.

Tools for staying mindful in turbulence

  • Dedicate yourself to a morning routine. This can be 10 minutes or 30, whatever works best for you. Having a calming start to the morning can help keep many people in a more present mindset throughout the day. Try committing yourself to a morning ritual of making tea or coffee, stretching or yoga, or meditative journaling even for just one week and see if you notice a difference.
  • Reflect on your gratitude for the past season, whether in written form, conversation with a friend, or in your meditation practice. When our lives feel unstable and uncertain, it can be easy to slip into a negative state of mind and lose awareness of the present moment.
  • Refocus on your nutrition. Our bodies are sources of untapped wisdom. Spend a few minutes checking in with your gut. How have you physically felt lately? Are you prioritizing your health with water, fruits, vegetables, and movement? With every new season comes fresh harvests of seasonal foods to ground you in the coming months.
  • Take time to pause. So often, we rush around our days, checking off to-do lists and always looking forward in anxiety and overwhelm. Seasons of transition are natural, obvious reminders to pause and make space for balancing rest. Breathwork and meditation can be powerful methods of reconnection with the nourishment of downtime.

Final Thoughts on Transition

Things are slowing down. The leaves will soon be changing colors, and trees will shed what they no longer need. The same is happening for you. You’re changing and releasing things you no longer need as you progress into the end of the year.

The tension of the unknown and the future may seem rife with confusion, fear, and apprehension. But, it’s important to remember the power you have over your mindset. A graceful, smooth transition as we leave the heat of summer behind is more than possible. You can always choose to be kind to yourself and engage in this upcoming transformation with a balanced heart.


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