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Breaking Down Your Heart Walls

I’m sure you can resonate with being hurt, betrayed, or rejected by another in your life. For most of my life, my core was unknowingly guarded. A heart wall stood dedicated to protecting me from being hurt again. However, I was unknowingly keeping myself completely disconnected from my own ability to give and receive love.

What is a heart wall (figuratively speaking)?

Whenever we encounter difficult or painful experiences, we’ve learned to take those lessons to heart as humans. It can be effortless to use those pieces of absorbed information consciously or subconsciously as building blocks for a protective wall. Unfortunately, it’s common to stay hidden behind our barriers and fortresses, keeping vulnerability far from our precious true selves. We remain stuck in subtle feelings of resentment, bitterness, frustration, and judgment towards those who hurt us…sometimes even ourselves. When trust breaks, this defensive state may seem like the better path.

How to regain your vulnerability:

I wasn’t even aware of this blockage until my first ever breathwork healing ceremony. That day, years of sadness from my inner child finally released. I had been holding onto intense, ancient aching in my heart. Under your anger, bitterness, and judgment of the other is simply unexpressed sadness, hurt, and betrayal that has not had a place to be expressed.

The healing begins within our heart, and breathwork is the heart medicine that many of us need to start this journey. Cultivating our intuition and mindful breath allows us the release we need to lighten the heart. But, what would happen if we choose not to forgive but stay hidden behind our walls? Our inner world is like a flower, and to blossom, we have to nurture it continuously. Stuck in unforgiveness, you constantly relive a toxic brew of guilt, shame, self-judgment, and self-sabotage.

Final thoughts

It’s natural to retreat a bit when something genuinely devastating happens. Not everyone and everything deserves your complete, vulnerable self. You should strive to do what is best for you. But, if you find yourself unable to connect with others, fighting battles of self-worth, or struggle to embrace positive emotions, there may be a block in your energy. You may not even realize that you’re so hard on yourself because you decided to withhold forgiveness (to others or yourself). Anxiety cannot exist when you are fully present. If any of these words have resonated with you, I urge you to come back to your body. Return to your breath and the beat of your heart.

This is how we begin to ground our energy and find the stillness in-between our thoughts, in the pause, and the peace.


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Whether you are local to Grand Rapids and can join me at my East Town office The Healing Space or you are somewhere else in the world. Allow me to guide you in this experience of transformative healing.

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