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Turning Loneliness into Sacred Solitude

At some point in our lives, every human being encounters the (sometimes) overwhelming feeling of loneliness. Whether it comes from a dramatic change in careers, physically moving hundreds of miles from friends and family, or a lack of genuine connection with those already around you, loneliness can be brutal. It’s one of those emotions that’s more similar to a black hole than a passing cloud. So, how can we cope and beneficially engage with loneliness?

Acknowledging the present

Loneliness can move in brief moments or more extended periods. While being alone can certainly spur on feelings of isolation, it’s not a necessary precursor. We all have an emotional need, at our core, some socialization, and interaction. It’s important to remember that: you are never alone in experiencing loneliness.

When you’re in the throes of loneness or withdrawal, your first step should always be to acknowledge what you’re feeling. Use the practices of Breathwork and meditation to pause and reflect on the physical sensations in your body. Sit with it, even when it seems boring or pointless. Without embracing loneliness, we can’t let it go or change its nature.

Flipping the narrative

Loneliness doesn’t have to be a fruitless occurrence – it can have distinctive value. It can be an opportunity for vulnerability and growth. Whenever we experience a so-called negative emotion, in truth, it’s a signal that we need something. Unlike the unpleasant connotations of loneliness, solitude (often used interchangeably, yet very different!) can help us recharge. It can also be a space for sacred manifestation or creativity.

We can choose to realign with Source rather than to allow ourselves to travel down a spiral of low self-worth, unstable moods, discontentment, and anxiety in loneliness. We do not have to succumb to distractive energies. It may be a testament of strength and a heavy challenge, but loneliness can be used for good. The modern world tries to shame and minimize conversations around loneliness all too often even though it’s an entirely natural and universal state! Vulnerability and openness are not weaknesses, and in times of separation, we should never be ashamed to be honoring our courage.

Final thoughts on loneliness

Truly, it’s in solitude that deeper healing happens. In our times of waiting, anticipation, and isolation, we don’t have to lose our Inner Selves or suffer endlessly. Becoming more comfortable with loneliness won’t happen overnight or even in a week. But recognizing our sacred power in the in-between space of loneliness and solitude helps us connect with our humanity and continue evolving on our personal journeys.

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