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The Awakening Power of Breath

The Past Without

For more than half of my life I was trapped in fight or flight, subconsciously crying out to be released from a suppressive state. This was my conditioned norm, my every day. Not only that, but it was also, unfortunately, the mode that my body felt safe in.

Because, when you grow up in a stressful or toxic home environment, your nervous system is used to operating in a state of high stress and shallow breath. In childhood, adolescence, and my early adult life, this manifestation in me led to an addiction of stress hormones. I would unconsciously seek out situations, people and work environments that would keep me enmeshed with a high adrenaline state. I found corporate positions that were demanding and in male-dominated atmospheres. All of this was completely out of alignment with my soul’s purpose. But, I had to learn the hard way. The impact of my mental and emotional stress slowly became too much of a burden for my hypersensitive nervous system.

I was unknowingly compounding this stress in my body until it finally became too much to hold. My physical body forced me to slow down since I refused to pause. Rare symptoms and imbalances causing chronic pain and distress soon developed. After all of the confusion and stress locked me in to existing in constant anxiety, my overwhelmed mind sent me into a downward spiral. I felt lost and completely alone.

The Present Breath

Prayer, going within and searching for tools to assist in the release I needed at the time to heal, finally clicked. One post on Instagram led me to a Breathwork Healing Ceremony in Brooklyn. Breathwork Ceremonies were not operating in my city, so I took a leap of faith and left for a weekend trip. The three Healing Sessions that weekend completely changed the course of my life. Finally, I knew my emotional body had awakened in an entirely new experience.

Since then, I’ve healed and let go over hundreds of heavy layers that were long being held in my body. I gave myself permission to let go and cried more tears than I had ever released before. Now, I know that Breathwork offers us the opportunity to shed all of the subconscious, heavy energy we carry.

The Future of Breathwork

Following my intuitive knowing with Breathwork as a new modality of healing is something I will forever be grateful of. It’s been five years of being guided and offering guidance in Breathwork Ceremonies. Today, I still have profound amazement at how the body, spirit, and mind unfold with the breath. This ability to fully feel allow me to tune back into my authenticity. With the breath, I embrace my power and encourage forgiveness, surrender, and trust to flow back into my heart once again.


Learn More

Whether you are local to Grand Rapids and can join me at my East Town office The Healing Space or you are somewhere else in the world. Allow me to guide you in this experience of transformative healing.

All of my Breathwork sessions are combined with Reiki Energy Therapy, Crystals, a Holistic Health Consultation & recommendations in-between sessions with healing tools so you can continue empowering your own journey. Learn more about my in-person + virtual offerings HERE.

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