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Professional Bio

Sam Kalawart is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator located in Grand Rapids, Michigan with over 400+ hours of teacher training and the Host of the Heal Podcast. Sam creates an experience in transformative healing using mind-body teachings, conscious breathwork, somatic integration & meditation for her students. Deeply passionate for this work, Sam has guided thousands of breathers 1:1, in workshops and international retreats through their own inner-transformation for last 6 years.

Sam’s Story

After battling 16+ years of chronic health issues induced from stress, burnout and lyme disease, Sam discovered the importance of using an integrative approach to physical, mental and emotional healing.

After trying all the treatments under the sun, it wasn’t until she began to heal her past emotional wounds through embodied modalities including Conscious Breathwork that her physical body began to come back into a state of balance.

Its only when we stop giving away our power, and release the belief that healing comes from an external source outside of ourselves that we empower our journey. This is one of the gift’s that Breathwork provides, a new sense of faith, trust, reconnection and empowerment within ourselves.

I’ve witnessed healing of “incurable” disease within my body again and again. Its through consistency and commitment the healing continues.

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