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How To Ground Yourself

It is crucial to implement grounding techniques in your daily and weekly routine. Wherever you are in your healing and wellness journey, it is imperative to ground regularly for a balanced life. Here are my top recommended practices for grounding and why they are so important. Why Should We Ground? Oftentimes our thoughts, anxieties and […]


Connecting With Your Inner Child

In this week’s blog, I open up about my journey to heal my inner-child and share 6 signs that you are connected with your inner child. It took me YEARS to come to the realization that the root cause of many of my self-sabotaging patterns were stemming from a wounded inner child. We are in […]


The Power Of Intention

Hello, 2021! We’ve arrived at a new year, bringing fresh perspectives and a blank page to turn your intentions into manifestations. 2021 is here, and you have the power to call in the life you desire. Because of this, I invite you to take steps towards bringing your manifestations to reality through the power of […]


How Stress Affects Your Immunity

Mental and physical stress is inevitable, but it is crucial to limit the effects of stress whenever possible. Limiting stress not only improves mental health and general quality of life, but it also ensures that our body’s immune defense system is armed. Read on to uncover how stress affects our immunity. When we’re stressed, the […]

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Learning to say “No” in polite and gentle ways was one of the most empowering tools in my evolution journey. When power is given away to others, the voice remains quiet, healthy boundaries are crossed, and the past repeats. Saying “No” allows you to create healthy boundaries, conserves your energy, and most importantly, gives you […]

Adaptogens: The Secret To Stress Reduction

2020 has demanded that we find the strength and tools needed to combat the effects of stress. Along with breathwork, mindfulness, and balanced nutrition, I find power in the plant medicine of adaptogens. What is an Adaptogen? Adaptogen: “…A plant extract that is held to increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of […]


How To Deepen Your Intuition

With the new year approaching, many find themselves reflecting on what they want to invite into their life. Our intuition holds the answer. New Years goals typically align with one of the following: Spiritual Alignment Commitment to Bettering Physical and Mental Health Career and Educational Ambitions Strengthening Relationships With Loved Ones Taking Risks and Trying […]

Healing Your Feminine Energy

Do you struggle with hormonal imbalance, creativity blocks, or emotional stagnation? Many women are completely disconnected from their womb space, feminine energy, or sacral energy center without even realizing it. Feminine qualities include: intuition, nurturing, compassion, expression, wisdom, emotion, patience, and creation. Signs that you’re disconnected from your womb space: Hormonal Imbalance/Infertility A lack of […]

Healing with a Reiki Master + Breathwork Facilitator

Stress effects us at all levels We now know that stress is the #1 cause of chronic anxiety, tension and overwhelm. Its inevitable in today’s world. A daily challenge that we have to learn to manage and adapt to on a consistent basis. Otherwise it will wreak havoc on our mental, emotional and physical state. […]