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How to Cultivate Abundance

Our mindsets can radically, undoubtedly determine whether we view our lives in terms of abundance or emptiness. Our internal state reflects our outer world. If you truly want to call in abundance and co-create your life, you must begin by looking inwards. Over the past decade, I have continuously worked to up-level all aspects of […]

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Embarking on Your Healing Journey

What I would have told my 25-year-old self in the beginning of my healing journey: “Pause frantically seeking.” “Stop looking solely outside of yourself for healing.” “Rethink your belief that someone else holds all the answers.” Retrospectively, I would’ve told my younger self all of these things because my greatest lesson learned time and time […]


Healing Your Sacral Chakra and Womb

In my third breathwork healing ceremony, I experienced a massive opening within my Sacral Chakra or Womb Space. Years of suppressed emotional trauma in this sacred space began to release, and on a physical level, there was even some cramping post-breathwork journey. Why is the womb so important? The womb or sacral space is the […]

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How to raise your vibration with crystals

If you’ve visited my healing office in Grand Rapids you know it’s filled with crystals. In all my 1:1 healing sessions, I use crystals as tools to clear negative energies that arise and to fill the body with a higher vibration. What is vibrational energy? While vibrational energy is currently popular in the wellness world, it’s also based […]

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The Transformative Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a daily practice that has the ability to transform your life. Unfortunately, in the hustle and often thoughtless nature of today’s world, practicing gratitude can be an afterthought. True happiness derives from a perspective shift, focusing on the abundance we do have instead of what we don’t have. I’ve seen significant changes in […]

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The Chakra System Explained

Thanks in part to the rise of spiritual self-care practices, you may have heard the term “Chakra” mentioned in casual conversation, by yogis, or even on a social media post. But, what exactly is a chakra, and why is it important? What does chakra mean? The word chakra originates from the Sanskrit language over 3000 years ago. […]