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Nutrition for Your Intuition

Combining my love for nutrition + intuition has been so incredibly fulfilling. To see my clients begin to nourish themselves with whole foods that intuitively work best for THEIR body instead of looking to external cues (diet books, expert opinions, trending articles) as to what they should eat is a beautiful thing.

3 Ways to Compare No More

I’ll be the FIRST to admit that I have played the comparison game my entire life with other women around me. It feels like this instinctual almost ingrained behavior that society comes to expect and ACCEPT. We see articles like PEOPLE magazines segment on “Who wore it best” and women on reality shows like Real Housewives constantly tearing each other down.

Intuitive Eating Part I

Intuitive eating is not a new fad or tip that you can utilize for fast weight loss. It’s about getting back to our roots. Back to a way of being that is in perfect alignment with our natural state. If nothing else, intuitive eating has completely opened my eyes to the current state of our stressed-out society. We need awareness to bring back this sacred ritual.