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5 Simple Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

5 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy during the Holidays

Lets face it, staying on track towards your goals during the holidays isn’t the easiest. The month of December is one of the busiest months of the year with non-stop holiday parties, shopping extravaganzas and time in the kitchen making all your favorite Christmas goodies.

Our bodies tend to slow down and default to hibernation mode so not only are we eating more but we are typically moving less. This combination can be disastrous if you are already struggling to heal your relationship with food.

The first step is to ease into the season and not fight our natural instincts. If you haven’t already checked out my blog on Beating the Winter Blues that is a great place to start! Implementing those tips along with today’s party hacks will have you glowing like a winter goddess.



  1. SHARE THE LOVE: Prepare a large plant-based dish to pass at your next get together. Not only will you be able to enjoy your fresh and healthy choice, you will also get to share this with family/friends and get them curious about eating healthy! You can get tons of simple plant-based recipes to try from my e-book
  2. PLAN: If you are going to a gathering or to a destination that you know will not have healthy choices, plan and prepare! Eat a healthy protein packed snack beforehand so you are not starving when you get there. Also check out the menu or inquire on what is going to be made ahead of time to ensure there will be something for you to choose from that will still be in align with your goals.
  3. CUSTOMIZE: If you are out to eat at a restaurant that is not in line with your health goals don’t be afraid to customize your menu option. Restaurants want to cater to you and you can find plant-based and gluten free options at almost any restaurant, you may just have to get creative! My go-to is a salad with the dressing on the side, I remove the cheese/meat then look for dishes with other veggies on them and asked that those same veggies are incorporated into my salad so I end up with a great variety of greens+veggies.
  4. MOVE: Movement is your friend! After a huge family meal, resist the urge to sit on the couch and start moving. Invite someone to go for a walk and get some fresh air with you. Getting away from the temptation of the kitchen will also get your mind off food. Tune into what your body is really craving!
  5. BALANCE: I always keep in mind the 80/20 rule. By implementing a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time and letting loose 20% of the time, you are giving yourself wiggle room to indulge without falling off the wagon. Remember that you can stay in alignment with your health goals AND have a fantastic time celebrating with friends and family! Indulge in a glass or wine or two, enjoy some dark chocolate or a small piece of desert and most importantly, savor each bite and drink you take. This is not an everyday occurrence so be present and thankful for the delicious choices you have in front of you. After your meal, pause and tune into what your body is craving and ask yourself “How will I feel if I keep mindlessly indulging?” It can be easy to get carried away especially if you haven’t had sugar or alcohol in a while. Trust your body’s intuition and respect its signals.


Over the years I have loosened the tight grip I used to have around indulging. I learned to EMBRACE the moments of celebration with family and friends. Its a great time to let loose and take a break from your daily routine. Implementing my mindfulness techniques has also armed me with the confidence to indulge in moderation instead of my old pattern of filling myself past comfort then letting regret set in.

Be present and ENJOY your time with your loved ones, focusing on their presence instead of making it all about the food shifts your perspective in a healthy way. Instead of sabotaging your progress and feeling guilty for the choices you make, you can sustain your current health goals and still have a lot of fun by doing so!

These tips will not only keep you healthy during the holidays but also remind you of what this season is really about…LOVE. Love for your friends, family, self, partner, children. Bring this to the forefront and all other internal battles, worries and fears will melt away.

If you have any other tips for staying healthy during the holidays please comment below! I’d love to hear from you so send me a direct note at samakalwart@gmail.com if you want any more guidance around this topic.






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