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Breathwork is a body-centered therapy that uses the breath to connect you with your body and enhance your physical, emotional and mental health.

In a session you are guided through a specific, controlled and accelerated way of consciously breathing. This is a circular, connected breathing pattern that allows you to access the subconscious, along with repressed memories & emotions.

Combined with evocative music, aromatherapy and guided ques this breathwork triggers a profound emotional and physical release. It’s one of the oldest, most direct and powerful tools to reset the nervous system and support your body’s natural ability to heal.


Stress can build up over time, placing tremendous pressure on your muscles, organs, nerves and even your cells.

For some, this can lead to chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress, digestion problems, sleeping disorders, panic attacks, anxiety or depression.

Breathwork engages the nervous system to release tension and distress that negative thoughts and traumas cause in the body. Over time, healthier new neural pathways are developed and the nervous system is re-calibrated to bring optimal well-being.

Through breathwork, clients gain the ability to get free from stress, process past memories and experiences and liberate tension and traumas that are stored in the body.

Breathwork is an incredibly powerful healing modality that can facilitate deep emotional, psychological and physical cleansing. A transformational technique that can ignite intense inner exploration, Breathwork can open the client to new possibilities of themselves and who they are in the world.


“I’ve really enjoyed my time in class with Sam. Her voice and her way of being are so calming. She is an old soul and I am looking forward to lots more breathwork classes with her.”

“I have been having sessions with Sam for a few months now and I can easily say that I have been healing from the inside out ever since. Her Energy Therapy sessions have opened me up and allow me to manage my emotions much better. It wasn’t until today when I took her Breathwork session that I understood the depths of myself. Sam is very, very good at her craft. She has a magnetic energy and being in her space gives you a sense of clarity and safety knowing that you may be in your most raw and emotional state in front of her.”

“I discovered Sam on Instagram and grew curious about Breathwork based on her extensive work on the practice around the world. I didn’t know what to expect from my first 1:1 session but I walked away so glad I tried it. I have participated in many forms of alternative healing and therapies and found this to be the most beneficial of anything I have experienced.”

“Tonight I had my first experience with Sam and the healing space. These classes and sessions are things nobody has words to express. I HIGHLY recommend checking out one of Sams’s classes if you are nervous because you’re surrounded by so much awesome energy I forgot I was in a room full of strangers the first five minutes. Such an insane indescribable tingly experience. And I don’t mean my foot fell asleep tingly, I mean my body is filled with a million tiny sparkly stars tingly. 11/10 would recommend to everyone.”

“Went to a breathwork meditation with cacao and loved it. I will definitely be going back. So uplifting and restorative.”

“I have attended two cacao-infused meditation and breathwork workshops with Sam and absolutely loved them so much. Breathwork is so simple and so powerful; in my very first experience, I understood immediately why people describe it as life-changing. Sam is wonderful. I currently have somebody mobility restraints and she really saw me and took extra care to make sure I was comfortable and that the experience was accessible to me. I love a modality and practitioner that makes clear the importance of returning/restoring power to Self and that’s exactly how Sam leads with breathwork. If you’ve never done something like this, you HAVE to try it at least once…then I think you’ll get it! I can’t say enough good things about my experiences with Sam!”

“I love the way you lead the group, the way you prep us for the deep dive within is impeccable, your powerful music selection and the direction in between the songs to keep us on track. The poem you selected which speaks volumes to what I’m going through right now sealed the practice for me. Thank you for doing this powerful work at the most auspicious time in our planet’s history. You are changing lives dearheart.”

“Sam has a soothing but yet energetic presence! Her light shines through even via Zoom! It was a pleasure to take a journey with Sam into Higher Self with the breathwork. Sam has a gentle way to spread her grace & love through her simple, guided instructions. I’d highly recommend her services!”

“Working with Sam leaves me feeling grounded and connected to my inner guidance. She is a true professional, her knowledge and passion for this work shines through. Every time I finish a Breathwork session – I can’t wait for the next one! Thank you for sharing your light and gifts with the world, Sam.”

“I’ve been doing breathwork on and off for several years. Sam seems to be very intuitive and is a great guide on the breathwork journey. Her Zoom classes are packed with value and unique. She offers much to prepare and integrate the breathwork session. I’m lucky to have found this teacher.”

  • release and relax areas of tension or constriction
  • increase endorphins which support happiness & joy
  • correct restrictive breathing patterns
  • reduce stress-anxiety
  • heal PTSD or trauma
  • alkalize the body
  • reduce inflammation
  • access repressed memories relevant to healing
  • increase clarity and focus
  • elevate mood
  • reduce cravings
  • lower blood pressure
  • strengthens emotional stamina
  • improve sleep
  • promotes digestion
  • remove up to 70% of toxins from the body
  • eliminate oxidative stress
  • relief from addictions
  • increased sense of personal power & empowerment

During an Empowered Breathwork Healing session, Sam will guide you through systematic body relaxation and meditation. Once you are deeply relaxed, she will guide you through a conscious breathing technique that accesses your nervous system, releasing physical and emotional blockages. The session ends with rest, integration, aromatherapy and light healing touch. 1:1 sessions end with Reiki Energy Healing.

Dress comfortably, yoga pants and a sweater or t-shirt are perfect. You will lay fully clothed, faced upwards.

You will receive therapeutic light touch with essential oils in areas I feel your body needs it most. Sage & Palo Santo may be used to assist is emotional clearing.

Client’s often express that they feel warm, tingling sensations during a session. Others feel as if their in a trance like state. Strong emotions of sadness, grief or anger surface. All of this is normal and expected during your session. Letting go of those emotions of the past is part of your healing process.

After releasing the stored tension from your system, you will feel much lighter, more relaxed and more aligned within your entire body.

Please note that I require at least a 48 hour notice for all cancellations. Because space is limited, I please ask that you let me know as soon as you need to reschedule.

A same day cancellation or no-show appointment will result in a $50 fee. If you’ve scheduled the appointment yourself, you will have the ability to reschedule it as well. This policy is to honor the time and energy required to prepare for all clients.