Healing is an ongoing process and a wonderful opportunity to become more self-aware while prioritizing personal growth. But, just as everything has a set time and season, so does the healing phase.

As someone who’s spent many years struggling with chronic illness, I know what it means to feel physically stuck in a state of restoring. I also know the importance of using an integrative approach to physical, mental, and emotional healing to empower your own journey.

How can we get stuck in a healing phase?

It can be easy to fall into periods of self-help and intense introspection, especially if you’re first discovering the powerful benefits of this kind of healing for the first time. The limitless resources, books, video content, and even recent societal popularity about “improving” ourselves can quickly become all-consuming.


If you notice that it’s become difficult to listen to your intuition or know your own thoughts from those that you’d read or heard, it may be time to take a step back. Blindly following systems and advice from leaders, even well-intentioned healers whose ideology doesn’t align with your own, won’t lead to true healing. Imitation over inner wisdom isn’t the path forward.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I know more than ever but still feel like you’re constantly searching for an elusive, ultimate catch-all?
  2. Have the standards I’ve set for myself become unattainable or unrealistic?
  3. Has my anxiety/pain/disconnection increased or decreased?
  4. Am I procrastinating chasing my true desires and ambitions?
  5. Have I created anything recently or only consumed?
  6. Do I know what I believe? (Not any other voice)
  7. Am I afraid to trust my intuitive self?

What can we do to take a break?

When you’ve done tremendous amounts of inner healing and self-reflection, it’s important to remember actually to celebrate your progress. Acknowledge all that you’ve endured and achieved, and rest in gratitude that you’ve come so far.


Breathwork, yoga, nourishing nutrition, meditation, etc. are healing tools. They are meant to guide you towards your next season in life. Whether it’s scheduling more time for genuine fun, going out with friends and family, or an extra hour of sleep at night, rest is an essential part of healing.


Taking a break allows us the chance to reconnect and realign with ourselves, others, and the physical world. We all grow and heal at our own pace. So, honor where you are today. Remember this life is meant to hold space for hardship, joy, and everything in between.

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