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Reiki Grand Rapids
Reiki Grand Rapids

I will guide you towards Body Peace through the power of  Customized Nutritional Cleansing, Intuitive EatingMindfulness and Self-Care. Showing you how to finally make yourself a priority and naturally heal from the inside out using whole foods!

Sam is amazing! I have been doing energy healing as well as her intuitive eating program. She has helped me to learn about my eating habits and how to listen to my body all while still enjoying my favorite foods! She is always there to give me new ideas of things to try or help me to problem solve through situations. Thank you Sam! You are amazing!
-Audra Geyer
Sam is very gifted at helping me with lowering my stress level as well as helping me be able to totally relax. Her nutrition information has already helped me to start losing weight. Once you try one class, you understand why everyone keeps coming back!!
-Pam Lindsay
Sam has been a great source of guidance in both nutrition and in my spiritual growth. She is so knowledgeable and made a great resource while going through some very big life changes!
-Lorraine Osborn
Grand Rapids Reiki
Grand Rapids Reiki


  • A customized plan to fit YOUR goals. This isn’t about putting you into a cookie-cutter program. You will learn to TAP IN and unleash your bodies intuitive wisdom around food
  • Handouts, tips and tricks to accelerate your results
  • Sustainable actions steps that will allow you to reach your goals with ease
  • Unlimited support, encouragement and accountability as you renew from the inside out
Holistic Health
Holistic Health

You will receive my utmost attention, love and support and as your health blossoms every area in your life will feel the powerful effects of this.


Nutritional Counseling is for those that are looking to transform the following ailments:

  • Stubborn weight gain
  • IBS/Digestive Distress
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Nutritional deficiencies 
I use a integrated approach in working with clients to achieve their health and wellness goals. Because every aspect of our lives impacts the other, we look at strengthening not just your nutrition, but also your daily habits, self-care, stress management and beyond.

I specialize in bringing you to a state of BODY PEACE by tapping you into your intuitive power to deepen your mind+body connection. This means NO more diet confusion! I would love to hear from you so visit my contact me page to get in touch or e-mail me Follow me on instagram & facebook!

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