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Next time you feel this creeping in👉🏻PAUSE⛔️

Does your monkey mind try to rope you into a downward spiral of anxiety, worry and fear...?

Choose different... choose uplifting words, choose compassion, choose grace. Drop into the heart and speak words of encouragement onto yourself and those around you.

A reminder that the subconscious mind is ALWAYS listening✨ Our inner-world truly projects our outer world and it all begins with our thoughts + language.🤲🏻

When you begin to catch your negative thoughts on a consistent basis and with intention choose positivity.. you are beginning to re-wire your mind. To transform your old paradigm.

I’ve been challenging myself to stop complaining.. this has been so eye opening! To catch each and every thought that is negative, judgemental or harsh and to choose different.

Try it this weekend! The difference in the way your mood will shift is transformative🙏🏼

As empaths or highly sensitive people, our GIFT is to feel deeply.🤲🏻 I know that sometimes it can feel more like a curse and extremely overwhelming, but once I learned the proper energetic protection tools I felt incredibly empowered in my gifts as an empath.🔮🧿📿

Instead of suppressing your true nature as a deep feeler, learn to embrace it and use it as an intuitive tool. Feeling on a deeper level, emotionally, energetically and spiritually has allowed me to tap into my natural gifts as a healer. Its also allowed me to help others that have struggled with chronic mental, emotional or physical di-stress because I've been in their shoes time and time again. Understanding what they need in order to be empowered in their own journey.

I also learned the very foundational aspect of releasing emotions, fears and overwhelm that I was holding onto from others. Learning that often the sadness, anxiety or dis-stress I am feeling at any moment, should always be tuned into and fully moved through.💫

Besides using clearing tools like palo santo, white sage and clear quartz crystals, conscious breathwork has been my greatest healing tool. To gently, but quickly shed away the heavy emotional layers that were never mine to begin with and to tune back into my own emotional state.🤍

Head over to my linktree for all the resources I have available to experience this clearing for yourself!👏🏻 Thursday the 29th is my next Virtual Class for you to breathe with me from the comfort of your own home. The theme is energetic protection + boundaries, just in time for next weekend's Halloween + Full Moon Vibes!🌚👻

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