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These are the grounding tools I recommend to all of my clients after a Breathwork + Reiki Healing Session👇🏻

•Epsom salt baths for an increase of relaxing magnesium for your physical body.

•Breathing in through the nose, gently and softly. Try it for yourself by listening to my grounding mini-breathwork practice on The Heal Podcast (linked in my bio!).🎙

•Root veggies, which energetically ground you back in. Think carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips and ginger.🍠🥕🥔

•CBD Oil: I use + sell a locally grown, full spectrum, organic CBD oil that has a strong grounding presence for our nervous system. 

I also love walks in nature, journaling, yoga and a digital detox🙏🏼

What are your favorite ways to ground back in after a healing session or during times of heightened stress?👇🏻

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