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I used to pray that God would soften my heart. To fully release the hurt that resided there so I could find true peace.🙏🏼

But God works in a myriad of ways and in the divine timing that is best for our life.

When I was guided to alternative and spiritual healing using breathwork, energy therapy, meditation, deepened prayer practices, etc. this is when the true heart healing began.

Not only did the jaded walls around my heart soften, I was completely awakened to a new level of love. A connection to love that was so deeply powerful, forgiveness and letting go became effortless.

Now I guide others through this portal of transformation and heart healing. A continuous process of learning to let go as surrender is a lesson to work through instead of something that happens overnight.

If you're ready to experience this level of healing and surrender for yourself, head over to the link in my bio under Virtual Workshops to check out upcoming chances to breathe with me🦋

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