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When I got home from surgery I balled my eyes out..

Not for what I lost, but for what I put myself through in the first place. A level of regret, shame & self-betrayal that I had never felt before. My heart hurt for the 24 year old that thought morphing her body would somehow lead to greater happiness. The years of dealing with physical, mental and emotional pain for an expensive cup size..😒

I was prepared for this moment through years of Breathwork Healing. The modality that softened my heart, awakened my consciousness and released years of insecurities and self-limiting beliefs from my mind. It gave me the courage and confidence to accept my body fully and unconditionally post surgery. I have never been more in love with myself than I am now. 100% natural and with scars to remind me that I am worthy without enhancing my appearance.👏🏻

Being vulnerable isn't easy, but I knew that I did not go through all of this for nothing. Like the women before me, sharing my story became a necessity. To spread awareness of #bii and warning of the dangers associated with implants.

And now for radical self-acceptance👉🏻I had to honor and FEEL the emotions flowing through me. Regret/shame can easily become suppressed within the body and manifest into pain/unhappiness. Through self-acceptance + compassion and Breathwork, I released those emotional wounds.. and I’ve never felt more free🌈

As a teacher, it is my responsibility to use this story to inspire others. I’ve already had several women reach out and express that they are no longer interested in implants after hearing my story, which makes everything I went through worth it.🙏🏼 Thank you for your loving support through my journey!🤍

#challengeaccepted the WHY👇🏻

Thank you to all the incredible women that passed this along to me! #womensupportingwomen

This challenge is about raising awareness to the unfair treatment and injustice of women all over the world but especially right now in Turkey.

Please follow @auturkishculturalclub for the real reason behind this challenge and the importance of raising awareness. You can donate to the women’s shelters I’ve shared in my stories!🙏🏼

I believe in the power of knowledge, intention and virtual community. Thank you to all the courageous women that continue to rise up in the face of adversity!🤍

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